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Session 3

No description

Avraham Roos

on 6 March 2016

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Transcript of Session 3

Session 3

Differentiated Instruction

Let's hear some more ideas.

Let's Pass the Buck.
* Allow for tiered activities on different levels.
* Different areas of Bloom's taxonomy
* Recycle previously taught materials (remedial work and consolidate)
* Use existing materials
* Order two different sets of newspapers
* Same newspaper with different level
* Accelerated Coverage
* Supplementary materials

Passing the Buck
Students Present Articles
* Students Read for Projects
* Power of Choice
* 5 Minute texts
* Extensive Reading
* Class Library/ Print-rich Environment
* Homework Charts
Learning Styles:
* Provide self-assess activities for students to do in their own time (Scheibel, 1984)
* Graphs, Tables
* Games
* Songs
* Videos

Homework: Start preparing your articles
Sit in assigned groups and make a list of techniques you remember from last lesson that can be used to differentiate the Content.

Make sure you are talking about differentiating CONTENT (the learning materials) and not Process (the way you teach) or Process (the way you check/ test)!

Are you differentiating according to Readiness, Interest or Learning Style? Try to give at least one example for each.
Read Tomlinson pages 46-49
1. Not more than 5 minutes

2. Use visual

3. Dates are online

4. What if you miss your date?
Think of Differentiated Techniqes we have used until now in this course:

Turn-taking techniques

Grouping techniques

Differentiating Materials techniques

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