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Diligence Trait

No description

Ayva Le

on 28 October 2016

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Transcript of Diligence Trait

Diligence definition
Definition : Working hard and showing effort to do something
Diligence gets you to be hardworking. It also shows effort.If children studied the might have good grades! diligence is a good trait to have.
Sentences containing diligence

The lion and the witch and the wardrobe. Lucy, Peter, and Susan.

From the Rainbow Magic book Autumn the falling leaves fairy Kristy and Rachel.

Jack and Annie from the magic tree house series.

How to have Diligence
Why Diligence is so HARD!?
why Diligence is so hard!? Well it isn't that hard.It is like doing a benchmark test. you have to show effort and hard work to get a good grades (and that means %100 percent) So that is diligence. Isn't that hard? No. I don't think so.-Victoria i don't think so either-ayva I don't think so either-Mica

Is a great
trait to have
Characters that has Diligence
1.The boy showed diligence when he did ten pages of homework.
2.Walking through the desert was a diligent journey.

Where Diligence Gets You
And maybe you might be able to be this teacher or any other grade amazing teacher that you like just like our Beloved teacher.
test. study
thank you
1. Always persevere
2. work hard
3. try your best
4. show effort
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