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The Sklodowska Family Tree (Marie Curie)

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Joan Koh

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of The Sklodowska Family Tree (Marie Curie)

Marie Sklodowska
4th child and 4th daughter.
Called "Manya" as a child in Poland.
A top student & received several scholarships.
Discovered Polonium, Radium, and Radioactivity.
Married Pierre Curie.
Had two daughters, Irene and Eve.
Very close to her father and never cut her Polish ties.
The Sklodowska Family Tree
Helena Sklodowska
2nd oldest child of the slowdowska family.
Became an educator when she grew up.
Bronya Sklodowska
Third oldest child and closest to Marie.
Became a physician
Marie stayed briefly with her when she went to study in Paris.
helped to subsidize Marie's education fees as Marie had done the same for her when she was in university.
Attended the illegal "Floating University" with her sister, Marie, for a few years before moving on to Paris.
The Sklodowska Parents
Father: Vladislav Sklodowska
1832 - 1902
taught math and physics but was discriminated for his loyalty to his country.
Mother: Bronislawa Boguski
died of tuberculosis at the age of 42 when Marie was 10.
Joseph Sklodowska
Youngest Child and only son
Became a physician like his sister Bronya
Only one in the slowdowska family who was able to enroll in the Medical School of the University of Warsaw as he was a male
Zosia Sklodowska
Oldest sister to Marie
Died of typhus which she contracted from a boarder at their home.
Died when Marie was only 8 and about a year after their mother.
The Sklodowska Children
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