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Jean Baudrillard

What is art???

freeman fulwiley

on 27 November 2015

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Transcript of Jean Baudrillard

Who is He and Where did he come from???
Jean Baudrillard
Baudrillard was born in Northam Reims,of France in 1929.
He was the 1st his family to attend a university.
Baudrillard began his career as a professor of secondary education in French high school in Lycee'.
Taught sociology in Universities then later receiving a sociology Doctorate.
Considered to be the "Guru" of French Post modern theory.
Publicized theoretical articles on capitalist abundance and critique of technology
What is Art?? Why are we here in this world or galaxy for that matter???
What is art to Baurdrillard???
"Important and distinctive mode of objects that exist in everyday life."
"Because the West (capitalists) have no one to battle with either about ideals, technology or culture new ideas have become scarce"
Salvador Dali Persistence of Memory
What is Art???
Andy Warhol
Peter Halley "Panic Room"
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