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Am. Rev. Prezi Proj.

Anna & Yiming's awesome project. =meow= Go Am. Rev.

World Domination Bunny meow

on 12 March 2010

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Transcript of Am. Rev. Prezi Proj.

Free Market + The free market is...

A market without economic intervention and regulation by government except to regulate against force or fraud.
For example:
Apple is not controlled by USA's government,
while the USSR controlled all of Russia's economy, and
therefore all of the businesses.
What does that have to do with ANYTHING?!

Thus, the idea of democracy was born from the American Revolution WHAT DOES IT MEAN?! WHY DOES IT MATTER?! HOW DOES IT RELATE TO THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION?! The American Revolution

After the revolution, people
embraced democracy, wanting to control their own
businesses without the interferences the British
had made, like the Navigation Acts.
Other countries around the world
such as France, Greece, and central European
countries looked to America for democracy.

Freedom. How does this affect us?
The free market extends to education, which means
that parents can choose whatever school they want their kids
to go to.
Obviously we have a lot more choices today than the colonists
did, some of which include:

The American government doesn't interfere with American businesses,
unless they have done something illegal or they are government-run.
If every business was government-run, everyone running a business would be
given a certain amount of land & a certain amount of money for the work that
is being completed.
But, since capitalism exists, that is not how things are run. If you work hard for 60 hours per week at your restaurant, taking in customer consideration, perfecting you recipes, and paying the bills, you deserve to get the money you make that week, right?
If the owner of a rival restaurant nearby works only 15 hours a week, though, & doesn't put in as much effort as you do, he shouldn't be rewarded as much,
Because of the free market, people get what they deserve.
The free market also promotes competition.
Say there are two restaurants, Cheez R Us & Queso Bistro.

-Cheez R Us has stinky food, but because the business is government-run, he knows he doesn't have
to put in the time to make his food more edible because the government is just going to give him his alotted
amount anyways.
-Queso Bistro, on the other hand is under the free market & because of that has competed with other restaurants
in its area for years. Queso Bistro was once like Cheez R Us, but because they knew that their income wouldn't be
as much if they didn't improve, they strived for perfection & were rewarded with more customers & better reviews.

Would you rather eat at Cheez R Us or Queso Bistro? Doing What YOU Want
Say you're a ventriloquist, who's always dreamed
of opening up a puppet shop.
Because of the free market, you
can open up your store any time you like, so long as you
have the money, space, correct forms & licesnces, and resources.
Eventually, you may successfully open up
your shop. Because of the free market, you can charge whatever you like
for your puppets. Whatever YOU think is a fair
deal is what they'll sell for, whereas if the government
was the one deciding that, your profit would be limited & you wouldn't be the one
deciding how much you and your employees get. In a non-capitalist country, some
of that money would also go to the government. If you were to open up a puppet shop
in a non-capitalist country, you would need the same things.
The differences would be TIME.
In non-free market countries, it would take a commitee to review your forms,
all the while finding more roadblocks, preventing you from opening up your shop
when you had originally planned.
Businesses Inventions Education MANY THINGS came out of
the American Revolution:
Boring dates that you can't seem
to memorize Old men that have no
meaning to you... Numbers, places, & small cursive handwriting... What does that mean to YOU? But here's something that SHOULD matter... -Private school
-Public school
-Home school
-Cyber school
-Boarding school
-Military school
-Religious school
-Special needs schools (for kids who are mute, deaf, etc.)
etc. This ensures that money isn't wasted on an education that disagrees with the family. 1776....1784....1792....1853....1993... 1997....2001 Swivel Chair Bifocals Crackers Potato Chips Blogging Video Recorder iPod
After the revolution, many felt that they could
acheive more that they couldn't have under
British rule. This & the need for money motivated
many inventors to create new items.
These creations ranged from the simplest items that,
we, today take for granted. The American Revolution created the
free market, spurred the development of numerous innovations, increased the standard of education, gave people the freedom to follow their dreams, and encourage buinesses improve their service.
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