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Different types of landforms.

fabiola platas

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Landforms

A fan-shaped mass of sediment, formed when the river flows
slows down, and exits a mountain and enters a flat lowland. Alluvial fan -Ex: Cedar Creek alluvial fan
-Latitude and Longitude: 45.3144 - 111.38'15' Waterway between two larger bodies of water. Strait -Ex: Asia: Bab el Mandab-connects the Red Sea with the indian ocean /Arabian sea. -Latitude and longitude: 12.5883°N - 43.333°E A coral island consisting of a reef surrounding a lagoon. Atoll -Ex: Orona Atoll , Kribati
-Latitude and longitude: 4.5000° S, 172.1667° W Valley Stretch of low land between between two mountains or hill ranges . -Ex: Valley of flowers, India
-Latitude and longitude: 21.7679°N - 78.8718°E Oasis Place where the soil,known to be fertile because of the water around it. -Oasis Huachina ,Peru
-Longitude and latitude: 14.0875°S - 75.7633°W Mesa
A flat top mountain , with steep sides. -Ex: Table mountain in cape town , Soutn Africa
-Latitude and longitude: 33.9767°S - 18.4244°E Glacier Mass of ice and snow ,forms where snow gathers, melts, and flows with water. -Ex: Glacier Bay, Alaska
-Latitude and longitude: 58.5000°N - 137.00000°W Delta Flat, triangular land, formed by deposit of soil on the edge of a river. -Ex: Nile river
-Latitude and longitude : 30.9000°N - 31.1167°E Island Body of land surrounded by water. -Ex: Mnemba island, Africa
-Latitude and longitude: 5.8161°S -39.4000°E High steep or overhanging piece of rock. cliff -Ex: cliff of Moher, Ireland
-Longitude and latitude: 52.9361°N - 9.4708°W Butte
Ex: Fajada butte, New Mexico
-Latitude and longitude: 36.0189°N - 107.9097°W A steep hillstanding alone in a plain . Volcano Opening in the earths crust, through which molten lava, ash and gases are ejected. -Ex: Mount Fuji, japan
-Latitude and longitude: 35.3580°N - 138.7310°E Low area of land that is always or sometimes Swamp -Ex: the everglades, Florida
-Latitude and longitude: 26.0000°N - 80.7000°W Mountain a large elevation of the earths surface, rising from the surrounding level. -Ex: Mt. Ama Dablam, Eastern Nepal
-Latitude and longitude: 27.8611°N - 86.8611°E Cataract A waterfall in which a large volume of water flows over a steep precipice. -Ex: Gocta cataracts, Peru
-latitude and longitude: 6.0206°S - 77.8856°W A deep valley with steep sides, often having a stream flowing. Canyon -Ex: Todra canyon, Morocco
-Latitude and longitude- 32.7502°N - 6.1916°W Landforms
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