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Mike Graham

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Fantaze.T

Industry Agriculture Then Then Then Now Now Now 1.As early as the mid 1820s,ohio reidents advocated the building of raliroads to speed travel time and to make it easier to ship prouducts. 2. Most ohioians initially in favor of railroads lived in communities without accses with canals. 3.The second, most ohio canals connected lake erie with the ohio river. 1.With many technological improvements, railroads can today operate much faster. 2. Today,the newest locomotives increasingly more environmentally friendly. 3. railroading today is seeing a renaissance of fright traffic not experienced sice WWll. 1.In many schools, one teacher would be in charge of instructing many grade levels at the same time. 2. Students used to get hit with paddels or rulers if the did something wrong. 1.The schools now have more than three or four pupils in each grade. 2.Teachers teach only one grade in one room. 3.One teacher taught several grades in just one room. 3.Girls and boys are allowed to be together. 1.Orchards were planted from seeds brought to the region. 2.It was a new centry and most farms who produced a surplus sold their products. 3.Then canals arose during the 1880s and the 1830s. 1.Agriculter remains Ohio's #1 industry today. 2.Ohio is still one of the the nation's leaders in agriculter. 3.There is nearly 75,000 farms in ohio. Education
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