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Telling Our Story, Uganda 2012

Jim Harris

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Uganda

Uganda CREDIT UNIONS BUILD A BETTER WORLD Facts and Figures on Uganda: • 33.6 million people
• More than half the population under the age of 15
• 82% of population involved directly in agriculture
• 25% live below the poverty line
• Average life expectancy: 53
• Literacy rate: 76% among men, 57% among women Masindi Lira Arua Kampala How we help CUCM, Manitoba credit unions and individuals in the system have pledged $445,000 pledged over four years, with $127,000 received to date.

Eleven women have been hosted by Manitoba credit unions as part of the CCA’s CU Mentorship Program.

12 Manitoba credit union people have volunteered with the CCA’s CU Coaching Program. Why is it important? IFAPI
(Integrated Finance and Agriculture Producer Initiative) Rural Producer Organizations (RPOs) The IFAPI project operates in three regions in Northern Uganda. It consists of:
46 RPOs
11 ACEs
22 SACCOs Savings and Co-operative Credit Organizations (SACCOs) Area Co-operative
Enterprises (ACEs) Gender Inequity in Uganda • Women in rural areas work 12-18 hours a day
• Men work 8-10 hours a day
• Women produce 70-90% of Uganda's food crops
• Men own most of the key resources (land, cattle, plows, cash, bicycles, mobile phones, etc.) Percentage of annual income Canadians spend on food: 8%
Percentage of annual income Ugandans spend on food:
70-80% Questions? "Things are improving..." Is it working? ACEs affiliated with the IFAPI project sold more than $2.4 million worth of produce last year.
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