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Bayliner Element (iPad Version)

No description

Ideas in Motion

on 2 December 2016

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Transcript of Bayliner Element (iPad Version)

Let's find out.
Like, a boat
should be:
instantly familiar,
and, above all,
Element is
The Start of Something New.
Handy Features
The M-Hull
The Basics
Graphics Package
Graphics Package
Boat, Motor and Trailer
Boat, Motor, Sport Arch, Trailer and Color Option
Bayliner conducted extensive
voice-of-the-customer research
to learn what was missing in
today’s universe of new boats.

We talked to all kinds of boaters,
and lots of non-boaters, too.
Armed with a long list of valuable
insights straight from boaters,
we set out to reshape
the fundamentals.
Element’s purpose-driven design and thoughtful engineering broke down all the barriers keeping you from the pleasures of boating.
Nothing’s holding you back.
And we heard you.
We approached everything differently.
The possibilities are bigger.
The price tag is smaller.

And all the old excuses no longer apply.

For more information
and to pre-order Element, find and contact your local Bayliner dealer.
How did
we get here?
Element is here.
Let's take a closer look.
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