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Sam Collins

on 26 February 2013

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Fsgt Collins Intro Tp 1 The difference between an aerodrome and an airport. TP 2 Identify aerodrome components TP 3 Identify aerodrome components It is important for you to know the various components of an aerodrome. After this class you should ALL be able to identify aerodrome components! Aerodrome: An area of land or water designed for the arrival, departure and movement of aircraft. Runway
Area where aircraft take off and land
Can be made of pavement, grass, gravel, dirt or snow
Identified by numbers and white lights that run on each side Airport: A licensed aerodrome designed for the arrival departure and movement of aircraft. Airport Aerodrome Taxiway
Area used by an aircraft to maneuver around the aerodrome between aprons and runways
Letters designate taxiways
At aerodromes with lighting, taxiways are defined by blue lights along each side. Apron
Also known as tarmac or ramp area
Intended to accommodate the loading and unloading of passengers and cargo.
It is also used for refueling, servicing and parking of aircraft. What is the definition of an aerodrome?

What makes an airport different from an aerodrome? An aerodrome is any area of land or water designed for arrival, departure, and movement of aircraft. An airport possess a certificate stating it has met all airport safety standards. What types of material can runways be made of? What is the purpose of a taxiway? What is the purpose of a hanger? Runways can be made of grass, gravel, dirt or snow. Hangers are used to store, protect and maintain aircraft. The purpose of a taxiway is to move aircraft from the apron and the runway. Control Tower
Ensure safe and efficient movement of aircraft.
Responsible for take off and landing procedures, circuit procedures and ground maneuvering of aircraft. Terminal Buildings Used for passengers who are arriving and departing
Used for baggage and cargo handling
Normally located on apron Windsock Used to determine wind direction and speed Flying schools Used as training facilities for pilots and student pilots What is the purpose of a Control Tower??? The purpose of a control tower is to ensure safe and efficient movement of aircraft. What does a windsock indicate? A windsock indicates wind direction and speed! GAME!!!!! ? M160.01 IDENTIFY MAJOR AERODROME COMPONENTS THE END! :)
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