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Open Book Learning

Prezi for the open book LMS

Tom House

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Open Book Learning

Traditional LMS Tools According to Wikipedia, typical features are:
Course Management, e.g. lists of courses, registration, credit information and syllabus, pre-requisites
Teaching Materials, i.e. courseware
Self-assessment quizzes
Lessons tools: Authoring for contents (structured XML or HTML) and quizzing/testing (e.g. Java Script generators) or alternatively ability to import standard IMS or SCORM packages developed with an external tool (e.g. Dreamweaver).
Asynchronous Communication: email, forums
Synchronous Communication: chat, whiteboard, teleconferencing,
Student tools: Home page, self tests, bookmarks, progress tracking, ....
Student Management Tools: progress tracking, on-line grading Student Tools Administrative Tools Instructor Tools Ability to create groups by major by minor by department instructors students Create/Run reports activity reports gap analysis Create surveys Ability to set various levels of administrative access for groups for individuals Mass amounts of storage Ability to archive and purge data Class registration Collect fees Ability to monitor online tests from any location with 360 cameras track ip addresses Create customizable "home" pages and web pages include for students:
list of all current classes with link to class sites
information about curricula related to major/minor
link to basic transcript information
include for instructors:
class rosters
links to class stats reports
email/instant messaging & other tools for communication link to calendars Ability to archive classes Adaptable discussion board Gradebook Control over enrollment Communication tools virtual office Instant messaging Voice chat
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