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A trip to:

No description

Alexandra Bonet

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of A trip to:

A trip to:
1.- In this very first part you will have to include:
a) the flight from BCN to London (DATE: about the time you are traveling to London next year. See if you can discover how much the average price is. I suggest that you check prices in the very same company you are traveling for the very same dates.)
b) Hotel of your stay. What facilities are there? Is it close to the centre? What public transport are you going to use to move around?
This project is for you to start either a prezi or a blog related to you trip to London next year. Your job is to begin it now, telling the world what you are going to do, or at least expect to do when in London. Some info you might have it already, such as the dates of your flight and the hotel you are staying. Some others, you have to guess ( you might use the modals you must have learnt in this semester) This project will continue once you come back from the trip. You will have to nourish it with the photos and experiences lived there.
2.- What do you expect to see there?
a.- Include four or five attractions you are sure
you are going to see when visiting England's Capital. Include the opening times and price for all of them. Some suggestions might be the Natural science museum, the changing guard or even London eye.
b.- Include an attraction that caught your attention while surfing the net, such as the London walks, a Musical or the oldest Pub in the city.
c.- What monuments would you like not to miss out? The Tower of London? The Tower Bridge? The Big Ben?
3.- Going shopping is also one of the most touristy
activities when traveling. However, be careful. London is not, at all, a cheap town, although you can find places where a bargain can be found.
a.- Tell all about the markets in the city, such as Portabello and Camden town market.
Explain how to get there from your hotel and the opening times as well.
b.- What curious things, apart from clothes, can you find in those places? Can you relate anything about,
Notting Hill
, the book you have read in BTX?
4.- London is famous for its parks and green areas.
a.- Which ones can you visit in the centre of the city? What unexpected surprises can you find there?
b.-If you have read
About a boy
this year, in which of those parks the loaf of bread anecdote took place?
5.- Food: I'm sure you have heard England is not a culinary cradle:
a.- However, it is the headquarters of one of the most famous chefs in the world. Who are they? Mention at least two of them and publish information about their restaurants and food offer.
b.- If you cannot afford their prices, what type of English typical dishes might you enjoy? Look for the recipes and include one in the blog.

6.- This blog or prezi has to be done in a group of four students.
a.- I suggest opening a google account where the 4 of you have access or share the editing permit to all of the bloggers in the group.
b.- If you have never done a blog or a prezi you can follow the instructions given in the following links, although I am sure all of you are already capable of it.



You can also search in Youtube for viceos which can help you with the task.

c.- The link of your blog/prezi has to be uploaded in the platform by the end of January ( 2nd BTX) and the 9th of January (1st BTX). You will be able to work in class the rest of the days before the season holidays starts.

d.- Remember it is a blog/prezi so nourish it with photos from the web now. You will include your own ones once you return from London, or while visiting it!

e.- Each group will need to bring at least a laptop in class the following days. The rest of you can work with your phones.
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