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Jason Bitsoie CIS 105 Final Project

No description

Jason Bitsoie

on 24 May 2011

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Transcript of Jason Bitsoie CIS 105 Final Project

illustrations by
Mat Moore CIS 105 Final Project
Jason Bitsoie We created a new Gmail account specifically for CIS 105 We then started creating our Google portolio site, starting with a resume and calendar Next, we used an Excel spreadsheet to create a "Loan Calculator". We also made a 9 frame presentation using prezi.com Using my choosen career in Nursing, I located 10 links to articles for the database Using Access Database I created a Nanotechnology database Using 5 sources I created a mindmap @ mindmeister.com CIS 105 is a survey class, so we covered many topics very quickly Next, I created a 7 slide presentation with incremental reveal ...it included a brief history of the internet, OSI, TCP/IP, IPv6 & HTML5 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ....we always had to make sure we included the web links to our sources. Next, we created another database covering a broad spectrum of ethical behaviors involving information technology. Here is a list of 10 ethical statements, of my choosing, that I commit to adhere to... We Learned about cloud computing.... ...as you can see from my calendar, I had lots of free time. Next, using PowerPoint presentation... ...we created a 10 point comparison presentation between Agile Vs. Traditional System Development. How do you eat an elephant? We also used the browser Firefox, which comes preinstalled on Ubuntu... We actually used an alternative operating system to Windows, Linux, specifically, Ubuntu. I was introduced to The Brain which has become web-based recently. It is now in the Cloud! So many possibilities. Since webBrain was having technical diffulties we used The topic of CIS is fluid. There is ALWAYS some breaking technology that is worthy of our attention. Using mindmeister, we completed all the legs of the Mindmap with pros and cons of each operating system of PCs and Smart Phones. We cloned and completed the mindmap on the pros and cons of the different browsers. I made another mindmap listing the top ten Smart Phones, pros and cons of the operating systems, the different cell phone carriers, my choice of the Smart Phone and data plans for all the carriers. I also did another mindmap specifically for Verizon Wireless. The Google Calendar shows all classes, scheduled homework, work and other recurring obligations. When President Barack Obama addressed the graduating class of ASU.... ...with what he referred to as the body of work, he inspired many people. The portfolio format of this class is inspired, in part, by that address. I have produced a body of work which represents mastery of the competencies of Survey of Computer Information Systems! ...almost there!! Summary ....computing in which services and storage are provided over the internet (or "cloud")
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