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Lingua Francas and Top World Languages

Nathalie, Amelia, and Georgia APHG Block 1

Nathalie Gaona

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of Lingua Francas and Top World Languages

Lingua Francas And Top Languages #1 Chinese
Chinese is the top language spoken in the world with about1,213 million speakers.
Two out of every five people know Chinese. #2 Arabic
Arabic is the second top language in the world with about 422 million speakers.
Standard Arabic is the official language in 27 states. #3 Hindi
Hindi is the third top language of the world with about 366 million speakers.
Hindi is the official language in India and has many non native speakers because it is similar to their native language. #4 English
English is the world's fourth top language with about 341 million speakers.
English is also currently the world's lingua franca used for trade and commerce.
It is the official language along with others in 57 countries including the United States and Canada. #5
Spanish #5 Spanish
Spanish is the world's fifth top language with 322 million speakers.
The language originated in Spain and is now spoken across North and South America as well. #6 Bengali
Bengali is the sixth top language of the world with 207 speakers.
Bengali originated from Bangladesh and is an offficial language there and in India as well. #7
Portuguese #7 Portuguese
Portuguese is the world's seventh top language with176 million speakers.
It originated in Portugal but today is also an official language in Brazil and seven other countries in Latin America and Africa. #8 Russian
Russian is the world's eighth top language with 167 million speakers.
Russian is the official language in most of Russia and twenty other states. #9 Japanese
Japanese is the ninth top language in the world with 125 million speakers. #10 German
German is the world's tenth top language spoken by 100 million people.
It is the official language of
South Tyrol (Italy)
Belgium English is the main lingua franca in the world but there are also others used such as Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese. These lingua francas are typically used in regions where people speak these languages as well as their native language. Today English is spoken a lot throughout the world and is an official language in many countries which makes it a great lingua franca for the world. English won't always be the main lingua franca because it can always change. With Chinese being the top language in the world, we might be having a new lingua franca used more often. Lingua Francas The End
Nathalie Gaona,
Amelia Jackson, and
Georgia Clack. APHG Block 1
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