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Ender's Game


Cordell Spellman

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Ender's Game

Ender's Game Characters Ender Peter Violet Summary Ender Violet Peter Ender’s Game is a book about a boy named Ender Wiggin. He is the youngest of three children in his family, and they are all geniuses. The military puts monitors in the backs of children’s neck so they can see which ones are smarter and better suited to lead the starship fleet. If the kid seems good enough, he is asked to be sent to the Battle School. The Battle School is a huge complex in built in space where the accepted kids live while they study and train to become leaders. Ender’s brother Peter had a monitor but wasn’t accepted into the Battle School because he was too evil. His sister Violet had one as well but she was too nice. One day Ender was called down to the nurse’s office at school to have his monitor taken out. He thought that he wasn’t getting accepted. Later that day an older kid started making fun of him and pushing him around. Ender wanted to show that no one should mess with him, so he beat the kid up. And when the kid was down on the floor, he kept kicking him. Ender didn’t know it, nor did he find out later, but the boy he beat up was dead.
That night, a man named Colonel Graff from the International Fleet came to Ender’s house. He said that Ender had made it into the Battle School and that if he wanted to go, they would have to leave right away. Ender agreed to go. From the moment he arrived at the Battle School, the teachers isolated him from the rest of the kids. They made everyone mad at him and jealous of him so that everyone wouldn’t want to become friends with him. It was part of the training that they were putting him through. He was put in an army way before any of the other new kids. But he got better and better and soon he was at the top of the ranking list. A year later he was given his own army to command. The teachers did tons of things to make it impossible for him to win the games, but he still did. Then he was transferred to Command School. There he was given personal training by the best commander they had. Most of his training was on a simulator that made up battles for him from the viewpoint of the fleet commander. Then one day, without Ender knowing it, the battles on the simulator became real battles that other men were fighting. You’ll have to read the book to find out what happens. Review 1 Review 11 Review 111 Review 1V Ender's Game is one of the great ones, a novel of extraordinary power that is among the very best the genre has ever produced. Written at a stage in Orson Scott Card's career when it seemed as if he could genuinely do no wrong, Ender's Game takes a familiar theme from war fiction — war as seen through the eyes of a child, as in Ballard's Empire of the Sun — and reframes it by making the child the war's central figure. It is a tale defined by a sense of both tragic inevitability and cold irony. It is not merely about the loss of innocence, as so many stories are with children at their center. It is about innocence systematically deceived and purposefully destroyed in the fanatical pursuit of a misguided higher ideal.

http://www.sfreviews.net/endersgame.html Made By Cordell Spellman There are some great bits in Ender's Game: the "fantasy game" which turns out to be a link with the alien minds, the difficulty of fighting in free fall, the character of Mazer Rackham, the delicate political situation of Earth, the way in which Peter and Valentine rapidly become experts simply through writing about stuff on bulletin boards under pseudonyms. The best single moment for me is when Ender is set up with his team of squadron leaders in the penultimate chapter, and discovers that they are all his friends from the earlier chapters of the book. There is a sense that all the collective suffering was worth something. I can understand why Card returned to that setting for the most recent of the sequels.

http://www.nicholaswhyte.info/sf/ender.htm My Reaction Ender's Game is another classic of the genre that I found myself drawn towards recently. I'm always hesitant when it comes to reading such praised novels and always wonder whether or not I'll come away disappointed. Luckily enough I found that wasn't the case with Ender's Game. A novel that can pull you along at such speed while delivering some thoughtful ideas is a joy. Not only did Ender's Game manage this, it also put across a great story with very entertaining characters.

http://walkerofworlds.blogspot.com/2009/10/review-enders-game-by-orson-scott-card.html I honestly think that Ender's Game is the best piece of science fiction I have ever read. Card is unusual as a science fiction writer in that he delves deeply into the psychology of his main characters and their complex inter-relationships. Nothing is as black and white as it may seem. There is goodness and honor in Ender's enemies as well as a willingness to manipulate and kill in Ender. Ender is constantly faced with hard choices upon which his survival and the fate of the planet depend.

http://elise.com/books/el/archives/enders_game_orson_scott_card.php The End "Ender did not see Peter as the beautiful ten-year-old boy that grown-ups saw, with dark, thick, tousled hair and a face that could have belonged to Alexander the Great. Ender looked at Peter only to detect anger or boredom, the dangerous moods that always led to the most pain."
It is hard to tell whether Peter is really as evil as he acts. He threatens and threatens to kill Ender and Violet. He pretty much tortures Ender when they "play." When Ender leaves, he convinces Violet to help him become world leader, which he does. He always hated Ender, but Ender just wanted Peter to love him. "Ender had only been a memory till now. A very small, fragile boy who needed her protection. Not this cold-eyed, dark-skinned manling who kills wasps with his fingers."
Ender is a genius in fighting and war. He can read patterns and tell what someone's going to do next. And then he can completely destroy them. Although, as good as he is at it, he absolutely hates having to do it because it makes him feel too much like his brother Peter. As kids, Violet and Ender were very close. She tried to protect him from being hurt by Peter, who was always trying to beat up on Ender. She encouraged Ender and always looked out for him. When Ender left, her and Peter started to get along better, and she felt like she was betraying Ender because of it. But Ender and Violet still really cared for each other and in the end of the book they get back together and go live in the same in the same colony. I loved this book. It never has a dull spot. It adds so much to be able to tell what Ender is thinking and feeling as he is being pushed and shoved and pulled every which way by his teachers. I also really liked the idea of the zero-grav game room, where there are armies that fight each other with pistols that make the opponents immobile. The extent to which Ender’s mind has been messed with during training is capped off in the end, when he thinks he is playing a war game on a machine against a computer, when really it’s actual fighters that he is commanding against the enemy. I would recommend this book to everyone who enjoys action and a very interesting plot.
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