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Designing Your Life

No description

Mat Duerden

on 16 November 2016

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Transcript of Designing Your Life

RecM 415
Designing Your Life
What do you want to be when you grow up?
How well do you really know yourself? We often hear the counsel "follow your passions" but most people can't even articulate what their passions are. Take 15 minutes to ponder the following questions (make sure to jot down your biggest take-aways):
When you wake up in the morning are there things you think deeply about not because you have to but because you want to?
When have you felt most alive in your life and why?
Without worrying about the title of your perfect job, describe what it would feel like?
What are three values most integral to who you are or who you want to become?
Step #1 -
& Immerse (15 min.)
This is a tricky question...
And a perfect opportunity to use design thinking!
Over the next 3 hours you will use the design thinking process to design your life...good luck and have fun!
What needs should a career fulfill for you? How can you find a career to help you become the best person you can be? Based on your insights gained during step 1 make 6 different POV’s for yourself.

POV = I + want a career +
that will [INSIGHT]
POV Ex. = I want a career that
will stretch me every day
Step #2 -
Your Point-of-View
(POV; 15 min.)
Now pick your two favorite POV's and brainstorm solutions that support them. Shoot for 50 or more ideas. Write or sketch them on paper. Then identify your top 10 favorite ideas
Step #3 -
Ideate (30 min.)
Using your top 10 brainstorming ideas quickly create 6 dramatically different 3-5 year life plan prototypes. Sketch these out on paper.
Test the plans on yourself and take note of which aspects of each one speak to you, get you excited, and connect to the ideas you generated in step #1.
Step #4 -
and Test Round #1 (30 min.)
Now taking what you learned from testing your initial prototypes to create 3 radically different 3-5 year life plan prototypes.
Submit a presentation (using PPT, Prezi, Keynote, etc.) to Learning Suite by midnight on Tuesday, Nov 22 which includes the following elements:
Your POV statement
Artifacts (e.g., picture or explanation) of your ideation process
Descriptions of your 3 prototypes
Step #5 -
and Test Round #2 (90 min.)
Complete POV Statement -
2 points
Ideation Artifacts -
3 points
Evidence that you fully engaged in the ideation process (divergent and convergent thinking)
You will receive up to
6 points
for each 3-5 year life plan prototype. Points will be given for:
Breadth - prototypes address careers from a holistic perspective which addresses the intersection of career and personal life.
Depth - prototypes have adequate and actionable details
Uniqueness - each prototype is radically different
You will also receive up to
3 points
for the overall quality of your presentation.
Better prototypes will result from fully following the design thinking steps outlined in this prezi.
You may complete this challenge in one sitting or break it up over the week. If you have questions along the way please let me know
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