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Kingdom Archaebacteria

No description

Ansley Heavern

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Kingdom Archaebacteria

Archaebacteria Domain Archaea

Kingdom Archaebacteria Has cell walls that do not contain peptidoglycan Most organisms are heterotrophic, although some are autotrophic Prokaryotic Methanobacteria and
Cyanobacteria unicellular made up of glycoproteins and polysaccarides Benefits , uses, and harms Quiz 1.What does the cell wall contain? Benefits and Uses Some organisms,
like Thermus Aquaticus, can.... marsh gas and
blue-green algae produce sugar from vegetable matter
be used for forensic genetic fingerprinting
be used for medical diagnosis Harms Examples Can contribute to gingivitis. http://www.experts123.com/q/how-does-archaebacteria-help-and-harm-humans.html http://www.the-icsp.org/misc/methanogens_images/Mbm_formicicum.html Interesting Facts lithotrophs- get energy from inorganic compounds most ancient domain
are able to live in extreme environments
reproduce asexually
sometimes will perform chemosynthesis instead of photosynthesis
DNA is closer to that of a eukaryote
create bright blue/green color in Morning Glory Pool in Yellowstone
https://sites.google.com/site/tylermillerapbio/kingdoms/archaebacteria phototrophs- any organism that has light as its main source of energy Some ways archaebacteria obtain energy NO-
membrane bound organelles
cell wall Methanosarcina Archaebacteria produces a gas in cows that is harmful to the ozone layer. methanogenesis-the production of methane as a form of energy http://www.angelfire.com/ks3/cschultz/archaebacteria.html Tuberculosis is a form of Archaebacteria. http://biodiversity-amyy.wikispaces.com/ARCHAEBACTERIA Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Cell-wall lacks outer membrane
Lives on land or in aquatic enviornments
One of the oldest organisms on Earth (half a million years old)
Can grow within white blood cells undetected
They divide every 15-20 hours -Miller,Tyler.(no date available) Archaebacteria.Retrieved 09-02-12, from -No Author. (2012) The First Life on Earth. Smithsonian Geologic Time. Retrieved 9/3/2012 from http://paleobiology.si.edu/geotime/main/htmlversion/archean3.html

-No Author.(2011)How Does Archaebacteria Help and Harm Humans?Experts123.Retrieved 08-31-12 from, -Speer,B.R.(1994-2006)Cyanobacteria:Life History and Ecology. Retrieved 08-30-12, from http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/bacteria/cyanolh.html http://www2.hoover.k12.al.us/schools/sphs/Faculty2/kwilson/Documents/biodiversity/kingdomchartppt.pdf http://www.buzzle.com/articles/archaebacteria-examples.html http://urbantitan.com/yellowstone-morning-glory-pool/ -Bundren.(2008)Overview of the Six Kingdoms.Retrieved 08-31-12, from -No Author.(2000-2012).Archaebacteria Examples.Buzzle.Retrieved 08-31-12, -Schultz,R.Curtis(no date available)Archaebacteria Examples.Retrieved 09-02-12, from -Y.,Amy.(2012)Archaebacteria;Tuberculosis.Retrieved 09-02-12, from -Biggs, Alton.,Elt.(2008).Organizing Life's Diversity.In Hill,McGraw and Glencoe.(Eds.), Biology(pp.501 and 503)Columbus, Ohio.: McGraw Hill and Glencoe. Bibliography... -No Author.(2012).Archaebacteria-General Characteristics.Net Industries.Retrieved 09-03-12 from
<a href="http://science.jrank.org/pages/474/Archaebacteria-General-characteristics.html">Archaebacteria - General Characteristics</a> Other
Major Characteristics 2.Obligate Anaerobes 1.Extremophiles 4. Cell wall allows a high resistance to many antibiotics 3.Variety of shapes Cocci Bacilli Spirillium Spirochete First Organisms on Earth 2. Hows does archaebacteria obtain energy?
3. What are common forms of archaebacteria?
4. To which kingdom is the DNA of archaebacteria more like?
5. What was the earliest form of life? The first recorded organism was the stromatolite (cyanobacteria) which was present 2.7 billion years ago. Fossils have been found of many other organisms dating back to as early as 3.5 billion years ago. -Truper,H.G.,Tindall,B.J.(2011)International Committee on Systematics of Prokayotes.Retrieved 09-03-12 from -Aaron.(2010).Yellowstone Morning Glory Pool.Urban Titan.Retrieved 09-03-12 from Stromatolites By: Andrea Carrasquilla,Ann-Marie Sills, and Ansley Heavern (cyanobacteria) http://paleobiology.si.edu/geotime/main/htmlversion/archean3.html -No Author.(2012)The First Life on Earth. Smithsonian Geologic Time. Retrieved 09-03-12 from
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