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luke mullin

on 24 August 2014

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Transcript of history

In summer in Japan they have whats called a summer festival this is where they dress up in a Yukata. A Yukata is a type of rob that is only worn at the summer festival. At the arms they normally have something that hangs down as you can see in the picture above, these are to put stuff in like pockets.
In 1945 Hiroshima one of the main cities in Japan was bombed, along with its neighboring city Nagasaki. They were bombed by America because of the conflict in World War 2. In Hiroshima 90,000-166,000 were killed in the bomb and in the after affect. In Nagasaki their deaths numbed from 60,000-80,000. The two bombs that hit Japan were named Little boy and Fat boy. The Japanese then rebuilt those cities and created the peace park and it is really popular all around the world and I've been lucky enough to see this.
Thank you!
The Japanese language is unlike any other. It does not resemble the English language at all.

Hello my name is Luke
Kon'nichiwa, watashinonamaeha
I go to BBI
Watakushiha ni iku
My favorite thing to do is
Gyō uni wa watashi no sukinakoto wa
The Japanese have a very unique culture which ranges from having to take off your shoes in the house and saying a prayer before and after eating. Before eating you have to say ''etrucy mas'' and after ''gutususumasta''. Every time after school they have to completely clean their school at the end of the day for at least 45 min. They have very tasty food including tempora, which is their way of deep frying. When making food they nearly always have to have an even balance of types of food e.g if their making a bento box (it is sort of like a packed lunch) they will have a piece of meat, something green, fish, egg, rice and much more.
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