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Issey Miyake by Jean Pham

No description

jean pham

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Issey Miyake by Jean Pham

Brand DNA
11 different product lines
Asian, Japan element
Modern irregular & futuristic style
High quality
High technology
Natural friendly
Brand DNA
Brand DNA
Brand Strategy
Marketing analysis ( 4Ps)

Issey Miyake brand launched by MIYAKE DESIGN STUDIO
Privately owned Japanese fashion brand based in Japan and New York
Anti-fashion movement
Creations as progress
Brand is as much a philosophy as a fashion label
Surrealistic, innovative designs
Target Consumer
Familiar with international brands
Upper Middle Class
Loyal consumer base
Untapped market
Well-off youths (18-25)
Predominantly children and young adults
60% of population is middle class
$3000 yearly disposable income
Over 130 million people
Affluent (25-35)
Urban adults
Expression of wealth
Ann Demeulemeester
Vivienne Westwood
Socially acceptable attire
Adapting advertising / ads campaign on magazines
Video promotion
Sustainable line
Collaboration with designer
New print infused with green movement
Social media
Online shopping /shipment worldwide
The Online Consumer
Incredibly tech-savvy population
Social Media over traditional search engines
Over 50 million Facebook users
89% mobile penetration
Brand Philosophy
The ISSEY MIYAKE Collection is founded in the philosophy of clothing made from “a Piece of Cloth,” a concept which explores not only the relationship between the body and clothing, but also the space that is born between them. The philosophy has evolved and grown as have Miyake’s interests always founded in innovative clothing combined with modern research and development.
Creation and Technology

ISSEY MIYAKE INC.'s basic philosophy is the continuing focus on both the importance of imagination and the development of new technology in which to make clothing.

This design concept challenges the conventional idea of garment making and strives to highlight the relationship between body and cloth.

ISSEY MIYAKE INC. values free thinking that is unconventional - thinking that takes into consideration the spirit of creation, curiosity and love as a universal expression.
Issey Miyake debuted his first collection in New York in 1971
Paris Fashion Week from 1973.
His unique concept of clothing as “A Piece Of Cloth” was widely acclaimed throughout the world from the very beginning.
Original pleated pieces from 1989, which would later develop into PLEATS PLEASE ISSEY MIYAKE.
Process of A-POC in 1997, this time in collaboration with Dai Fujiwara.
Incorporation of A-POC into ISSEY MIYAKE as a design solution named "A-POC INSIDE"
The collection was first released in 1976 together with the women's line, and became a men's collection in 1978. In 1985, the brand individually showed a men's collection at Paris Fashion Week. Starting with the Spring and Summer 2012 Collection, the brand name was changed to ISSEY MIYAKE MEN, and Yusuke Takahashi and his team have been placed in charge of creating it since Spring Summer 2014 Collection. By setting functionality and comfort of wear as the basic concept, the brand is able to constantly transmit new messages throughout the world.
'Pleats' was introduced into ISSEY MIYAKE in 1989, and has been developed every season thereafter. By 1993, it was ready to be launched as a complete and stand-alone brand and appeared as PLEATS PLEASE ISSEY MIYAKE for the Spring-Summer collection.

Exciting new proposal for everyday clothing for the modern man developed by Issey Miyake and his Reality Lab team.
A mini-bag will be offered to customers free with purchase during the promotional period. Please take this opportunity to visit us.
* Please note that supplies are limited.
Launched in SPRING SUMMER 2001, the brand 'me' was developed to predominately provide T-shirts for the 21st Century. Lightweight, compact, convenient, comfortable to wear and easy to care for - fashions crafted to accentuate the pleasure and individuality of everyday living.
Both light and soft, it folds, accommodates and transforms itself after handling to create dramatic new shapes. BAO BAO ISSEY MIYAKE is a line of bags and pouches with the theme of "shapes made by chance." It features a flexible functionality perfect for busy modern lifestyles. Since its inception in 2000, it has established a unique array of products through its pursuit of intriguing shapes born out of simple pieces and diverse materials.
"132 5. ISSEY MIYAKE", developed by Issey Miyake and his Reality Lab. team, is both a new label and a new evolution of "A Piece Of Cloth".
The process by which the clothing is made is groundbreaking, using a mathematical algorithm: first, a variety of three-dimensional shapes are conceived in collaboration with a computer scientist; then, these shapes are folded into two dimensional forms with pre-set cutting lines that determine their finished shape; and finally, they are heat-pressed, to yield folded shirts, skirts, dresses etc. These clothes are significant not only for the process by which they were made but because they are also made using recycled PET products, sometimes in combination with other recycled fibers.
Using fabric made from improved recycled polyester fiber and forms developed by applying three-dimensional mathematical principles, the new 132 5. ISSEY MIYAKE clothes were born in autumn 2010.

In the development process of the 132 5. ISSEY MIYAKE project, attempts to explore design from a broader viewpoint - not just limited to clothing - evolved into the IN-EI ISSEY MIYAKE lighting products.
Japan: 148
Asia 145
Middle East:11
North America: 42

610 stores worldwide

Store locator

Sublimes the tradition into creativity & innovation
Design : Ground breaking Recreation of tradition
Incorporation of Japan element
Modern irregular and futuristic style
Story design: Modern and artful
Brand Strategy

Premium pricing strategy
High-priced tags
Positioned as premium / luxury brand
High-end designer brand
Involved in art-related marketing
Limited edition products
Shaking public attention (events, store opening)

Issey Miyake A-POC Baguette. From the exhibition Nannano? A-POC at the Axis Gallery in Tokyo, 2003 Photo by Yasuaki Yoshinaga
Issey Miyake’s new 132 5 collection as displayed in the Barbican Art Gallery’s exhibition “Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion.” Photo by Barbican Art Gallery.
The end, thanks!



Issei "Issey" Miyake
Born April 22, 1938 (age 75) Hiroshima, Japan
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation: Fashion designer
Labels: Issey Miyake
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