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Pitch Perfect

No description

Miss Espinoza

on 18 October 2015

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Transcript of Pitch Perfect

Your task:
Digital Footprint
Online research
Digital safety
Online security/privacy
Any other related topic
You have just started a new job as an advertising manager.

For your first project, you will need to come up with an idea for an PSA campaign to address an issue of digital citizenship.

You need to persuade young people in West Auckland to change their thinking on this issue.

You will create a TV/online ad using the e-learning tools you have used this year and your knowledge of film making techniques.

Your teacher will give you a deadline for the final video.
Plan your campaign
Watch these clips for inspiration
The Language of Advertising
Choose a topic
1. Create an A4 poster (on paper or on canva.com) advertising your message
2. Use the
pages to help you come up with a strong slogan to get your message across
3. Use the visual language features to help you choose the visual elements in your poster
1. Choose a group of 2 others you can work well with to bring your ad to life

2. Plan and make your ad using iMovie, magisto, movie maker, adobe pro, or any other tools you know of.

3. Use the film techniques you have been learning in English.
TV or radio ad
Start creating!
Stuck for ideas?
Have a look at these ads and see if they help spark an idea
Share your finished work on the social media sites you use.

See if you can get your campaign to go viral!
Which film shots should I use?

Where can I plan my video?
Use paper (from your teacher) OR

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