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Module 6, Lesson 2 Assignment 2:

No description

Landon Casey

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of Module 6, Lesson 2 Assignment 2:

Module 6, Lesson 2 Assignment 2:
The War in Europe
By: Landon Casey

War in Europe
What is your family's reaction to the bombing? How do you prepare?
What did Prime Minister Winston Churchill do in response to the German bombing?
The British people and Prime Minister Winston Churchill never gave up even though our city was completely destroyed. The British people came together to fight a common enemy known as "The Nazi's". We began bombing the city of Berlin, which was the capitol city of Hitler.
What effect did the bombing have on Great Britain resistance? Why?
Great Britain was not afraid. After the first "mishap" bombing, Prime Minister Churchill told us to bomb Berlin and that is what we did. We worked together and eventually won.
The End
How did the British people survive the bombing?
By gathering in the subway, we were saved. Some of us would use tin hats to move from location to location.
What did your family do to survive?
We all survived by staying together in either a warehouse basement or the subway for 57 straight days. It was close quarters but we did have food and water delivered to us so that we could survive.
After the bombing is over and Germany has finally given up and accepted that the British people would not surrender, what did your family find left?
Everything in the city of London was destroyed from fires to bombing of buildings. There were also other civilian areas that were destroyed. We had to rebuild our home and city, but we never gave up.
How do you plan to rebuild?
We will rebuild our city because we will work together just like we did during the worst part of the battle. By not giving up we will become victorious and strong again.
We were shocked that we were bombed for 57 straight days/nights. We took shelter in the British Subway system called The Tube. Sometimes there would be more than 177,000 people in the subway at one time. The worst bombing occurred on a school where 450 people were killed.
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