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Solar energy speech body

Look up

Zane Peterson

on 2 June 2011

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Transcript of Solar energy speech body

Faster then a speeding bullet, with more heat then a steaming cup of coffee, it's solar energy! A renewable, earth-friendly energy source. A source with the capability to save the world from it's energy crisis. Growing rapidly around the world, rapidly growing the world. Intro: Solar panel's energy is produced by the sun and PV cells.
Solar panels cost depends on their size and efficiency.
The sun beams enough on earth every hour to cure global energy needs for a year.
Solar energy currently produces about 1/10th of the energy used on earth today. HOW: Solar panels are black because black is a natural attractor of heat.
The sun is what brings life to the planet.
Without the sun, no life would be produced.
We should use solar energy because the sun is around to help us, so we should use it to help us by using solar energy. Why: Russel Ohl first created a solar panel.
He saw the power of the sun.
The US marines use solar energy often.
Solar energy is growing rapidly to other popular places around the globe. Who: When: Whenever the sun shines.
Usually during warm seasons.
When you have the equipment (solar panels.)
When you need an extra energy boost fairly quickly. Where: South Western states.
Solar panels can be located in space.
Africans make effective solar ovens.
Regular suburban neighborhoods. So from solar panels to desk toys, calculators to swimming pools, solar energy is an amzing and useful source of energy. conclusIon: Prezi by Zane Peterson
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