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Preparing for NAAC Accreditation

No description

Gautam Bapat

on 12 May 2017

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Transcript of Preparing for NAAC Accreditation

MITSOM College
A Journey towards Excellence in Quality...

Criterion wise Sub Committees
College decided to go for NAAC Accreditation...

The Letter of Intent was sent to NAAC stating that our College intends to undergo the process of Accreditation

We were definitely interested in knowing our status by way of this evaluation by NAAC and also to know the areas for our further improvement.
Establishment of IQAC
First and the foremost step taken was, Establishment of IQAC on 25 June 2012 followed by...

Studying the NAAC manual under the guidance of our Principal

Common reading of NAAC Manual with all the faculty members and non teaching staff to involve them in the accreditation process was done...
Criterion 1

Curricular Aspects

Ms. Sumita Joshi
Criterion 2

Teaching Learning & Evaluation

Dr. Anjali Sane

Criterion 3

Research Consultancy & Extension

Dr. Pratibha Upadhye
Mr. Gautam Bapat
Mr. Vaibhav Joshi
Mrs. Pallavi Adya
Criterion 4

Infrastructure & Learning Resources

Mr. Sadanand Borse
Criterion 5

Student Support & Progression

Mrs. Dhanashree Ghate
Criterion 6

Governance & Leadership

Mr. Hemant Bhise
Criterion 7

Innovations & Best Practices

Mrs. Sudeepta Banerjee
Self Study Report was prepared and uploaded on College Website and Hard Copy was submitted to NAAC.

Since inception MITSOM College has always set "Quality Benchmarks" and during the Accreditation Process many more activities were initiated.

Following process depicts our journey towards excellence...
We also arranged special guidance lectures by experts for the preparation of SSR

College constituted Steering Committee, headed by Prof. Hemant Bhise.

The Steering Committee started its weekly meetings regularly from the beginning of the academic year 2012-13
The first draft of criterion-wise reports was prepared by the sub-committees, which was presented before the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee made valuable suggestions on the draft report to each sub-committee.

Criterion-wise sub-committees comprising of faculty members were formed and in charge faculties are as follows :
Designing and Implementation of Annual Plans
Academic Committees
Short Term Courses
Faculty Development Programs
Feedback Responses & Analysis on :
Industry Visits
Term Induction
Development & Application of Quality Benchmarks
Attendance of Students
On an average 1000 students should attend lectures every day

Teachers Feedback by Students
Teachers should have good feedback
(>4 on a scale of 1-5)

Pune University Result
Result should be more than 90%
Understanding Quality Parameters in HEIs
Study Tours for Teachers, Staff & Students
UoP, IIM(A), IIM(B), ISB, NIBM, USF, La Trobe

Participation in Faculty Development Program in other HEIs

Participation in Seminars & Conferences

Guest Lectures for Students

Websites of HEIs


Organization of Guest Lectures, Workshops & Seminars (2012-13)
Guest Lectures

Seminars and Conferences
Developing Innovative and Best Practices
Short Term Courses
Representation on Board of Studies
Innovative teaching methods e.g. Z to A learning approach, use of multimedia
Establishment of an active CRHD
Collaborations and Tie ups
Excellent infrastructural facilities
Student Clubs
Joint Training Programs
Governance Policy
International Study Tours
Innovative Teaching Methods
Multimedia Learning
Role playing
Use of innovative tools like crosswords, magazines developed by students
Business Plan Competition
Mock Stock
Governance Policy
Faculty meetings

Meeting with all Course-in-charge and Principal - Every

Meeting of Principal with Director, Strategic

Planning and Development - Every

Meeting with Executive Director - Every

Transparency and participation from all in decision making
Act as a Nodal Agency for augmenting quality related activities
Computer Society of India
Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
(ICAI) - Training and Exams
District Coordination of NSS
Syllabus Restructuring
Research Activities
- Jobpedia
- Deutsche Bank
La Trobe University, Australia
University of South Florida, USA
Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth
Nielsen India
Aircel - Harvard
Seed Infotech
Fands India
Ace Corporation for
Business English Certification

And Many More

Functioning of IQAC
Future Plans
Establishment of
Post Graduate
Research Centre

Affiliated to
University of Pune
To increase
International Collaborations
Contribute towards
Deemed Status
MIT Group
Autonomy for the College
Integrated MBA Program
Future Plans of IQAC
To strengthen the
Management Development Centre of College
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