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Brazil 1990-2014


claire levi

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of Brazil 1990-2014

Brazil 1990-2014
Fernando Collar de Mello Resigns as President
He was the first president of Brazil to be directly elected by the people. He was best known for introducing radical economic reforms that never actually helped. He failed to get the inflation under control.
He took millions of the dollars and put them into his secret bank accounts. Before they could impeach him, he resigned. After his resignation, the impeachment trials continued and he was found guilty and was not allowed to hold an elected office for eight years. 1992-2000
He is replaced by the vice president Itamar Franco
Fernando Henrique Cardoso is Elected President
He helped Brazil with the inflation and brought it under control.
He made controversial moves on land issues, distributes lands for distribution, and allowed indigerous land claims to be challenged
Brazilian Constitution is Changed
Cardoso pushed for the constitution to be changed to allow presidents to run for re-election.
This allows President Fernando Henrique Cardoso to be re-elected in 1998.
Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva Becomes President
He promises the people political reforms and economical reforms and pledges to rid hunger from Brazil
Space Rocket Explodes Killing Many People
At Alcantara a rocket exploded on the ground killing 21 people. It was supposed to put two satalights into space. This was Brazil's third attempt to get the rocket into space. They don't succeed until 2004.
The "Real Plan"
This was a plan to help stabilize the Brazilian economy and control the inflation
It was based on the causes of the inflation from the post military dictatorship. This plan intended to stabilize the currency after many failed attempts in the past.
This plan successfully eliminated most of the inflation
Dilma Rousseff is Elected President
She was the first woman elected as president in Brazil
She announced a program called Brazil without Poverty that hoped to eliminate poverty in Brazil by starting a social welfare program, creating new jobs, and establishing professional certification.
She also announced another program called Tenderful Brazil that hoped to help children in Brazil living in poverty
Nationwide Protests Over Bus Fares
200,000 people took part in mostly peaceful demonstrations. They first protested because of the increase in bus fare prices. Later the protesters were mad because of the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics because the taxpayers had to pay for a lot of the costs.
Death Squad Kills 30 People
30 people were gunned down in April of 2005 in Rio de Janeiro
Sao Paulo Violence Outbreak
In Sao Paulo, the largest city in South America, the worst outbreak of violence in Brazilian history occurred directed at the security forces.
1,000 People Freed from Sugar Plantation
In July, 1000 people who were being help under slave like conditions were freed from the country's largest operation against forced slave labor in years since the razzia system was put into place by the government to root out slavery..
Government Tries to Eliminate Illegal Weapons
Brazil used a gun "buyback" program to try to limit the number of weapons on the streets.
Brazil Begins to See A Variety of Religions
Before 2010 Catholicism was the dominate religion in Brazil because it was originality colonized by the Portuguese.
Security Becomes Tight in Brazil
Security in Brazil had been increased because of the upcoming global events, 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics
Controversial Dam is Built
Belo Monte Dam is a hydroelectric dam complex on the Xingu River in the Amazon rainforest. The plans for the dam began in 1975 but because of environmental damage it could cause.
Amazon Rainforest is Greatly Reduced
The amazon rainforest has been destroyed by people by about 20% in 2012. The main cause is human settlement and land development.
The shooters were the Brazilian police. The police system had been corrupt for many years and in this incident ten state police played a part in the murders.
Because of the corrupt police system, it led to 950 officers being expelled from the forces in the next six years.
Between the gangs and the police Rio was one of the most violent cities in the world at this time
It began when 40 police officers were killed by gang violence and caused a clash between law enforcement officials and criminals in Brazil.
The Sao Paulo government caused panic among the people and its governor was greatly critized.
The violence received a lot of media coverage around the world
The sugar plantain was raided and the people were freed and were given compensation.
They were kept in over crowded warehouses in the rainforest. The people had to buy clothes, work equipment, food, and medicine from their master. The drinking water was dirty and there was no sanitation facilities. The work day was from 4- 5:30.
Over six months the police would take gun the people turned in, in return for 100 dollars per gun. The government put aside 3 million dollars for the program. They collected 80,000 weapons in less than three months.
The government was trying to reduce the amount of crime in the country.
Security forces in Brazil were increased and many of the gang neighborhoods were raided to try and keep crime down.
It is the worlds third largest hydroelectric dam
This dam diverts 80% of the flow of the river and devastates a large area of the amazon rain forest, displaces 20,000 people and threatens the survival of the indigenous people and other traditional communities.
It is planned to reduce the countrys emmsions by 38% by 2020
The rate of destruction in 2011- 2012 is the lowest it ever had been because of the awareness it has gotten and the environmental damages it has caused.
It has also been reduced due to cattle raising, clear cutting, logging, mining, and farming.
The uprisings were called the Salad Uprising because the protesters used vinegar to ward off the tear gas
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