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Animal Cell vs. Harry Potter

No description

Rachel Predovich

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Animal Cell vs. Harry Potter

Ribosomes &
Olivander's Wand Shop Just as ribosomes make proteins for the
cell, Olivander's Wand Shop provides
wizards with their own personal tool
which is their wand. Nucleus &
The Ministry of Magic Just as the nucleus is the control center of the cell and gives instructions, the M.O.M. controls what wizards are allowed to do from rules, to spells, and to events. The Cell is like the
Harry Potter Series Smooth ER &
Gringotts Bank The SER store important molecules and ions, just as the Gringotts Bank stores money and other valuables owned by wizards. Rough ER &
Apparation The RER transports proteins
throughout the cell. Apparation
similarly allows wizards to transport
themselves to other places. Golgi Apparatus &
Hogwarts School The Golgi app. prepares proteins to be shipped just as the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry prepares young wizards for the real world. 8 Lysosomes break down food, cell waste,
and worn out cell parts. Filch is the
caretaker of the Hogwarts school ground
and is in charge of keeping the school clean. Lysosomes &
Filch Vacuoles store water, waste product, and food until needed. Similarly, the R.o.R. can store any type of item that he/she wants until they want to get it back or decide to leave it there. Vacuoles &
The Room of Requirements Mitochondrias break down food and
release energy, wands take the energy
from the wizard to perform a spell Mitochondria &
Wands While Chloroplast allows the cell
to convert solar energy to chemical
energy, Dementors convert the
happiness from people as energy to
survive off of. Chloroplast &
Dementors The cytoskeleton provides a support
system and shape to a cell just as Polyjuice
Potion allows a wizard to transform
into a different form and maintain their
shape (as long as they continue to take it). Cytoskeleton &
Polyjuice Potion The cell membrance regulates
what goes in and out of the cell.
Similarly, the Hogwarts Gates
have enchantment spells to
limit who/what can go in/out
of the school grounds Cell Membrane &
Hogwarts Gates The cell wall gives structure and is a
protective barrier to plant cells. Just as
Harry's protection spell from his mother
allowed him to remain safe from the dangers
of Voldemort at his house (until he turned 17) Cell Wall &
Harry's Protection Spell
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