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Direct Objects and Indirect Objects

A lesson on direct and indirect objects.

David Williams

on 16 September 2011

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Transcript of Direct Objects and Indirect Objects

Direct Objects
Home is the D.O. because it tells where I like to run.
Word or group of words that receives the action of the transitive verb. A transitive verb is a verb that requires both a direct subject and one or more objects.
I like to run home.
Another example...
I have a goldfish.
Goldfish is the D.O because it shows what I have.
What is the direct object in this sentence?
The workers are repaving the road.
Road is the direct object, it answers what the workers are repaving.
Indirect Objects
Noun or pronoun that comes after an action verb and before a direct object.
I bought my mom a birthday present
Jan got my brother some cereal.
Brother is the indirect object because it tells who he got the cereal for.
Example 2
I gave my brother the football.
Brother is the indirect object because it explains who I gave the football to.
Brother is the indirect object because it says who the football was given to
Sometimes its better to rearrange a sentence to get a D.O. and an I.O.
Which sentence is better?

My sister gave my mother the goat.
My sister gave the goat to my mother.
The first one would be,
because you can easily identify the D.O and the I.O.
Speaking of which, what is the direct object of that sentence?
Goat is the D.O.
and mother is the I.O.
Hope you learned something about direct objects and indirect objects!
PG. 96 excercise B
PG. 98 exercise A
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