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The Famous Five

No description

Alan A

on 15 May 2011

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Transcript of The Famous Five

The Famous Five Nellie Mclung, Emily Murphy, Louise Mckinney
Henrietta Muir Edwards
Irene Parlby Nellie Mclung: Jobs,Private life,Interesting facts Jobs: Nellie was known as a teacher, temperance leader, suffragist, lecturer, politican, historian, wife, mother, and activist. she had a main career as a politican. In Manitoba she campaigned for liberals because the conservitive party was openly hostile to the concerns of women, especially because of the ideas of letting them vote.When the Manitoba liberals finally formed the government, most of their sucess was due to Mclung's speeches during the Campaign Trial. She also campaigned for Alberta's Liberal Party in 1917 Private Life: In Eighteen Eighty, Nellie moved with her family to Manitoba, Even though they had no neighbours. Until 3 years later. She didn't go to school until she was ten. When she finally attended school, she really wanted to start learning. When she turned 16 she got her teaching certificate and taught for 6-7 years. She got a teaching certificate because of the amazing schoolwork she did. Even though Nellie struggled to see if she could keep her career, and a Marriage also. During nellies life she possibly met her biggest influence in her life. Interesting Facts :
Nellie was part of the Mock Parliament, and a high speaker for women. She spoke before many womens groups, and churches. Mclung adressed family life, women roles, womens rights, prohbition, nation building, and women suffering. Irene Parlby: Private Life, Jobs, Interesting Facts Private Life : Irene was born on january 9, 1868 in her grandfathers home in London. When Irene was born, Her father had just went to India (Her dad was Cnl. Ernest Lindsay Marryat). When Irene turned 13, Her and her family joined their father in India. Life in India was a great journey for Irene and her 5 siblilings. When Irene was 16, Her faather died and her family returned to England where her father hadrented a farm and a huge herd of cows to finally fufill his long dream of farming. Jobs: The United Farmers of Alberta (The UFA) made an election and Irene Parlby was called into personal service. One morning she got a phone call asking to run for election. She had re-assigned as the President of The United Farm Women of Alberta (The UFWA) the year before, exhausted by the demands of position. Although she had spoken on behalf of Alexander Moore, During his good campaign in the 1919 election that was her campaign experience, Her fears were when the country people embraced her as their own, Friendly Leader. Interesting Facts: Irenes Public life began in 1913 when she was picked as the secretary of the Alix Womens Club. Her role expanded when she was chosen as President of The United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) Womens auxilary when it reached its greatest peak. Emily Murphy: Job.
Emily Murphy was a police Masigrate as of 1916. Emily's approach to crime was good and progressive. But she was more worried about correcting offenders then putting them in a cell. Emily released a book called "The black Candle" which was from a case she did in the Police. Private life: Emily Gowan Fergson was born in Cookstone, Ontario March 14th, 1968. When she turned 19 she married Arthur Murphy, A young Minister she had known for 4 years. The 2 had 4 daughters , only 2 lived to Adult Hood. Murphy took up the pen and and Became the best Selling Canadian Author. Interesting Facts
She was a Writer,Editor,Police Masigrate, Community Builder, Emily Murphy was a leader in the Edmonton Society, as well on the social provincial levels Louise Mckinney: Interesting Facts, Job, Private Life Louise Mckinney: Interesting Facts:
Mckinney and her husband were actively involved in founding the Methodist chruch in the town of Claresholm, Alberta. To honour her as the British Empire's first women legislator, the womens organization of Alberta raised a fund to have her portrait painted by Mr.J.Forster of Toronto . Although it was not yet fininished when she died, the portrait was completed with the aid of photographs. Louise Mckinney: Private life
Louise Crummy was born on september 22, 1868, in Frankville, Ontario, into a pioneer family. Her father ,Richard Crummy, left Ireland in 1842 to build a new life in Upper Canada, and 15 years later, brought Esther Empay over as his bride. Louise was born as the sixth kid in a family of 10. She was the second of three girls. She graduated from High School, and then went to Ottawa Normal School to obtain her teaching certification, even though she really wanted to be a doctor Henrietta Muir Edwards: Interesting Facts , Private life, Job(s) Interesting Facts: Born 19 years before any other member of the Famous 5, Henrietta Muir Edwards was one of canada's earliest people for women's rights. A Front line worker for the cause of women for a period of 57 years. Edward's public career started in 1875 at the age of 25. During the course of her work, Edwards made the aquaintence of such People as Preimier Haultain, Emily Murphy, Louise Mckinney, Irene Parlby, and Nellie Mclung. Private Life:Henrietta was born in Montreal in 1849. She was raised in a Religous Family, In 1876, She married Dr.Oliver Cromwell Edwards. But marriage did not distract her focus from good work. Following the birth of their 3 Children, William,Margaret,and Alice,The Family moved west to Indian Head,Saskatchewan in 1883,when Dr.Edwards became the first general practitioner in the NorthWest territories. Edwards gave up her luxurious home and personal maid happily,exchanging these c omforts for a tent near an Aboriginal Camp. Job: Henrietta Muir Edwards was an activist for suffrage and political rights for women,worked closely with women's missionairy societies for over four decades, and advocated public libraries, mothers allowances,equal parental rights, equal grounds for divorce, and penal reform. In 1908, the Canadian government, Edwards complied a summary of Canadian laws, both federal and provincial, which petrained to women and children.She helped Make the National Council of Women of Canada (NCWC) in 1893, and served as the Covenor of Laws for the organization for 35 years. Pictures Nellie Mclung Henrietta Emily Murphy Irene Parlby Louise Mckinney The End
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