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No description

Renato Ramirez

on 27 July 2016

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Transcript of 9:

The Odyssey: Book Nine/The Cyclops "I am Odysseus of Ithica and Here is my story since setting out from Troy." Odysseus and horde of men arrived to the island of the Cyclops, Cyclone. Odysseus and his men devoured a wild goat. After there pleasant meal they went to explore the island. The first thing they saw was a gigantic uncubicle size cave with aging cheese and goats. They started eating the food and then the light was blocked by something big. It was a cyclops named Polyphemus. He didn't see us short after he lit his fire. Enraged he got two of my men and ate them raw. He impeled Odysseus and his men. Characters
Odysseus - Leader of the crew ship
Ismarus - Crew ship member
Cicones - crew ship member
Cyclops - one eyed monster
Cyclone - Land of the Cyclopes Created by: Renato Ramirez Jr After eating both of his men, he left the cave. Odysseus always tried to find a way out. He saw a club the Cyclops had. Him and his men sharpened it out and hardened it with the fire. They hid it under manure. The work was drudgery. The cyclops came back. Odysseus offered him wine they had. The cyclops took it and drinked it all. He demanded more , but before he could get more he was knocked out. Odysseus continued with his plan. Him and his men ran and stabbed his eye causing grievous to Polyphemus. Polyphemus started a roaring rasping noise in pain and blind for he could not see. He tried grabbing Odysseus men, but he couldn't see that they were feigning to be sheeps. All Polyphemus touched was the back of the sheeps and no men. Odysseus and his men escaped as fast as they could. They scuttled the cave and got in the ships.Odysseus called out Polyphemus. "If someone asks who did this, the name is Odysseus!" Odysseus exclaimed. It inscribed in Polyphemus brain. What Odysseus did not know is that Polyphemus was Poseidon's son. Polyphemus told his father to curse Odysseus on his journey at sea. He escalated his years at sea. His life was inundated The Scene http://mythweb.com/odyssey/book09.html Information. Pictures. google.com Vocabulary Words. Horde Uncubicle Impeled Drudgery Grievous Rasping Scuttled Inscribed Escalated Inundated
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