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Fungi wing

*Traits for the kindom * Traits for the phyla * Examples with pictures *Major phyla

Tayyaba chaudhry

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Fungi wing

Virtual zoo Fungi Wing FUNGI! A member of a large group of
eukaroytic organisms that includes
microorganisms such as mild and yeast. Zygomycota- thick
walled resting spores Ascomycota- spores borne internally
in a sac called an ascus.
Basidiomycota- spores borne
externally on a club-shaped
stucture called basidium 1060 species of them Example: black
bread mold Composed of
reproduce asexually
Sac Fungi largest phylum Plants Depends on water lack vascular tissues Phyla byrophya
ex- moss Phyla
ex- flat leaves on
ground phyla
ex- hornworts Multicelluar
Eukaroyte simple non
vascular Carries a single set
of genes Aminals
Multicelluar eukaryotoes,
hetroprophs Came from protists Phylum Porifera
"Pore bearers"
have holes Asemetric sexual/asexual
production Phylum
Cnidarian Soft-bodied
carnivores Live in water
and move
around Syemetric and
reproduction Phylum
platyhelminthes The simplest
of all Flat, thin, and
bilalateral symetric Phylum Nematoda Free living in land
and water Reproduce
sexually Phylum Annelida
Breathe through
skin Reproduce
sexually Phylum Mollusca Soft bodied Reproduce
sexually phylum Anthropoda
Phylum Anthropoda Phylum Anthropoda have a developed
heart sexual reproduction Puylum Chordata Must have 4
characteritics -Dorsal
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