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What is Grammar?

Why do we need it? Why even care? There is a reason for it.

Sybil Priebe

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of What is Grammar?

What is it? Grammar is a word used to describe the rules of speech. However, in all actuality that’s only the definition in a nutshell. Grammar is the structure for words, sentences, etc. It is the “way things go." It is safe to assume that every language has its own grammar. They aren't all similar; however, there may be some common connections.

For example, English and French...
English: “My name is Anthony.”
French: “Je suis Anthony,” translated to “I call myself Anthony.”

The structure is very similar but conjugations of words are necessary for both, which adds a whole other layer to the difference between. But why have this? Why even care for it? Why have grammar in each language? Universality! If the order of things was random thoughts and motives of words and sentences would be jumbled as well. Just look at how slang causes chaos & those are just words! Creating a structure, a grammar, makes the thoughts and motives of an individual more easily deciphered.

Grammar is necessary if one needs to communicate an idea to someone else. Structure in what you “say” is a big factor. Words can’t stand on their own, structure gives meaning to words. Without structure we have nothing. No one is “on the same page” and everything is chaos.
=In order to have thoughts, you needs words to describe them.
=In order to have words to describe your thoughts, words need meaning.
=In order to have meaning in words to describe thoughts you need structure, grammar! Grammar is the greatest weapon we have.
It is a tool we take for granted.
It is important.
And it makes us look smart. Grammar is the greatest weapon we have.
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