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No description

Nyla Anderson

on 16 September 2015

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Transcript of Psychology

Wilhelm wundt & Structuralism
Founding of Structuralism
WilHelm Wundt
"The Father of Psychology"
Born August 16, 1832 (Mannheim, Germany)
Died August 31, 1920 (Grobothen, Germany)
Medical degree at the University of Heidelberg
Studied under Johannes Muller and Hermann Von Helmholtz.
First psychology class
Institution for Experimental Psychology
Experiments here
Wilhelm Wundt with colleagues at the institution
Structuralism is the theory of mankind in which all elements of human culture, including literature, are thought to be parts of a system of signs.
Control over the human mind and behavior.
Edward B. Tichener
Main critique: Focus on introspection.

Relation & Impact to other
branches of Psychology
Heavy Impact
Modern Psychology

Heidelberg: Majored in Medicine
Early 19th Century German Psychology
Kant and his arguments
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