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Krispy Kreme Media Plan

No description

Chelsea Herrick

on 2 December 2010

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Transcript of Krispy Kreme Media Plan

Media Budget Target Audience Media Plan Media Objectives Creative Strategy Krispy Kreme
SWOT Analysis Seasonality Strengths
- Easy access to product
- Reputable
- Consistent hot & fresh doughnuts
- Low prices Weaknesses
- Unhealthy image
- Limited menu items
- No major advertising campaigns Opportunities
- Offer more menu items
- Offer low fat, wheat, & organic doughnuts
- Expand into West
- Competition with Dunkin' Donuts, local doughnut stores, and pre-packaged doughnuts
- Increase in healthy diets Primary Competition radio low cost
local flavor
target audience newspaper outdoor internet 24/7 exposure high frequency bold image low cost
interactive color inserts
local emphasis transit media wide coverage
high frequency
Secondary Competition - Pre-packaged doughnuts
- Individually owned doughnut shops Regionality - Reduce ad cost while increasing sales and further increasing Krispy Kreme’s market share

- Maintain brand loyalty and create brand preference

- Create brand awareness.
Increase by 685% from $656,400 to $4.5 million

Krispy Kreme's primary competitor, Dunkin Donuts,
has spent $37,971,700

Increase reach

Increase frequency Marketing Problem -A decrease in sales has occured, sending Krispy Kreme into a decline . KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUTS, INC.

Yearly Financials (USD)
NET INCOME (USD) -157,000
NET SALES (USD) 346,520,000
TOTAL ASSETS (USD) 165,276,000
TOTAL LIABILITIES (USD) 102,509,000 Scheduling -Pulsing scheduling strategy To implement this schedule Krispy Kreme should run advertisements consistently throughout the year but have heavy amounts of advertising during periods of high sales concentration. -Back to school
-Winter Holidays
-Spring Holidays Marketing Objectives -Increase sales

-Increase market share
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