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Bosch Promotion Plan

No description

Sarah Smith

on 23 July 2014

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Transcript of Bosch Promotion Plan

Promotional Budget:
Magazine: $495,216
YouTube: $60,000
Facebook/Sidebar Ads: $189,784
Facebook Sponsored Stories: $75,000
Remaining Promotional Funds: $114,784
Product Costs:
Distribution Details
The distribution of a product is having the product available where target customers can buy it. This is essential to success because distribution makes ensures that the potential buyer can reach the product and is distributed in an effective way. The promotional items that Bosch will use are magazines, Youtube, and Facebook.
Market Segmentation
Bosch is involved in many sectors of business.
Seeking a large target market and profitability.
Bosch reports that Automotive technology is their largest business sector.
Market Strategy
Market Analysis
Two Potential Target Markets
High Income Households
40 - 64 years old
Average annual income $100,000+
Home Mechanics
34 - 65 years old
Annual income $50,000+

Bosch will promote through:
1. Popular Mechanics magazine
2. Commercials on YouTube
3. Advertisements on Facebook

Market with a lot of potential.
Do it yourself mentality.
Customers value savings.
Customers feel capable of doing these repairs themselves.
Justification for At Home Mechanics
Product Info
Promo #1
The following graphic could be used to promote Bosch through Popular Mechanics magazine.

Promo #2
This commercial would be used as Bosch’s advertisement for Youtube.

Promo #3
The following graphic is an example of a Bosch Facebook sidebar advertisement.
We let the product, and brand name do the talking
Quality prevails and leads to a profitable future
Our plan is to achieve lifetime partnerships
Our goal is to stay customer oriented
Market Analysis
Market Segmentation
Market Strategy
Contribution Margin: $24.15
Break-Even: $945,000/$24.15= 39,130 alternators
Customer Gain: 65,380
Increasing total sales to 13,729,800
Increased Revenue: 1,578,927

Old Potential Revenue: 10,984,619
New Potential Revenue: 12,563,546

Bosch will create an advertisement during the first minute or two on some of the ten YouTube channels that all car enthusiasts tend to follow such as “The Fast Lane Car,” “Motor Trend,” and “The Smoking Tire.”
Advertising through YouTube is affordable will allow Bosch to advertise on multiple video clips and automotive channels.

On Facebook, Bosch will use sponsored stories.
Sponsored stories are 46 percent more effective than Facebook ads.
It converts a user’s activity, such as liking a page or a using an application, into a sidebar ad shown to their friends.

Advertising in magazines not only get consumers closer to brands, but it is a consistent and effective advertising media.
Magazine advertisements can have high-impact with tight targeting.
Due to a longer shelf life, there is little waste per dollar spent.
Customer Service
Bosch Mobile Application
Online Personalized Video Service Consultation
Mobile Help Service
Alternative Services
Bosch 100% New Alternator
Composed of 100% new, quality parts
100% full load tested
Lifetime warranty
Larger bearings, improved circuitry, increased output, and aditional provisions for cooling
Ultimate Protection Plan
"one-for-one" Match

Peace of Mind
High Quality
Top Rated
Trust Worthy
Readily Available
Lifetime Warranty
One-for-One Match
Composed of 100% new, quality parts
Rectifier, regulator, rotor, stator, and bearings
100% full-load tested
Ultimate protection plan
"One-for-one" match
Bosch is the original equipment supplier for late model Dodge, GM, Saturn, and Chrysler vehicles
The same technology used in the alternators for Sprint Cup racing
Chosen by numerous police departments across the U.S. for replacement alternators
Credibility in the auto industry:
Promotion Plan
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