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Awesome Story - Year 1

The first year of Awesome Inc - what we've done.

Brian Raney

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Awesome Story - Year 1

Awesome Inc Story - Year 1
April '09
August '09
June '09
September '09
May '09
July '09
October '09
November '09
December '09
January '10
February '10
March '10
Launch Forge Lex
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
March '09
Move into space
Meet Pete the Painter
Startup Weekend Reunion
Nextington Launches
Signage on the door
Coworking space
is launched
Opening Party
Brian & Nate go to Madison, WI
Meet Jay Knoblett at
KASBO Conference
Start recipricol mentorship
w/ Lou Allegra
"The Thing" is founded
Meet the BPS
Mobile Conference
First YEL meeting at Space
- 100 + attendees
- brands represented:
-- Facebook Mobile
-- Yahoo!
-- TuneWiki
-- top 25 iPhone developer
Awesome Labs
visits Newton's Attic
Luke gets first girlfriend...ever
Awesome Inc Rolls
7 deep to Techstars
The start of
Night Club
Hogg gets married
Invention Weekend
Nick launches
Awesome Labs
Space hits 10 companies
Actually start to
focus on fundraising
Meeting w/
Lane Report
Team Alpha Launches
gets funded
...and later built for less than 5K
Starts to
turn the corner
Climbed a Crane
do The Thing
w/ city council
Launch iPhone app
Startup Weekend '09
Decide to launch
mobileX series
actually focus on raising round.
Raise our round...
then lose it.
Rupp Arena
Fire Marshall
pays us a visit
Team Alpha
Class of '10
Nick starts
"Go Big Friday"
Redefines how Awesome looks at failure
Awesome Labs touchscreen conference
Awesome Labs
touchscreen conference
Close round again...
lose it
"who got the $"
Website Redesign
"Make It Rain"
Launch 5 Across
Meet w/ Dudley...
almost get more investment
APAX Builds
Sales Team
Matt Murphy sends
email to Luke Murray
Trip to Chicago
"The Month that Matters"
Such Quit Job
March 4th: Columbus
March 5th: Chicago
March 27th: Nashville
Cool meets Blake
Communities Connected
Newton's Attic
Wall of Rockstars
Art Studio Launches
People who truly
believe in us
People most heavily influenced
Other notable
"You and Luke are my
role models for taking on challenges."
Jay Knoblett, 11/18/09
"So, just in case you were wondering if you wasted your time, what you do
matters. thanks again."
-Nikki (CS student), 4/7/10
"I was serious tonight when I said I am buying into everything that Awesome Inc. is about. I'm ready to start making some serious moves and dominating. Thanks for all your support."
- Garrett, 2/20/10
"Gentleman. I believe in you! nice job today. I’m so proud to be your aunt gina! Seriously!"
- Gina Greathouse, 8/13/09
"I would have never started a dance studio if it wasn't for awesome inc."
- Rebecca Fields, 8/1/09 (San Diego)
"It sounds like working at your place is like working at Pixar or Google."
- Cindy Miller, 7-21-09 6:04pm UK
"We gotta take a risk on young people with ideas"
- Lee Todd
"this is Lexington's future"
- Jim Newberry, 4/15/09
"The way I see it I can do one of three things. Work for a big company, work for a small company, or start my own company. If it weren't for Awesome Inc. that third option probably wouldn't even exist."
- Nick Such, UK '09, Stanford B School '13
"This place is like a little slice of Silicon Valley."
- Luke Edwards, 7-13-09 10:11pm UK EE, '10
"I just wanted to thank you for the skills you helped me develop. ....I have been able to do Luke's first step which is "do something" and the way I am doing that is by learning skills through experience. Thanks so much!"
- Ashley Thompson, ELI class of 2008
Epic Date goes
down...Luke breaks
10 year drought
Fashion groups start using space
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