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The horses in the world

No description

Cecilia Varisco

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of The horses in the world

The horses in the

An Italian Horse
The breed of Maremmano was born in
a south Italian region (from which it takes
his name!)
French horse
A famous French horse
is the Camargue. He takes
his name from a French region,
Spanish horse
The Andalusian it's a very
prestigious breed in Spain!
He from a Spanish region:
the Andalusia
The Dutch
This beautiful horse was born
in Freesia and his name is
Frisian horse
An Austrian horse
His name is Noric, and he
takes his name from
Noricum, a Roman province
The beautiful Hungarian
The Shagya-Arabian horse is
the most beautiful horse in
Hungary! He descend from the
wonderful Arabian horses!
And he's the American
His name is Palomino. He takes his name
from the typical mantle of the breed.
An English horse
The English Thoroughbred
he's the one of most prestigious
breed of the world. Call it
"the breed for excellence"!
Thanks for Watching
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