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Dissertation Defense

No description

Christy Stanley

on 7 November 2010

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Transcript of Dissertation Defense

Double click anywhere & add an idea An International Student Teaching Experience: The Impact on Personal & Professional Development & Global Awareness

~ Christy Stanley Research Questions 1.Does an international student teaching experience impact the professional growth of pre-service teachers?

2.Does an international student teaching experience impact the personal growth of pre-service teachers?

3.Does an international student teaching experience impact the global awareness of pre-service teachers? COST: Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching

OSTP: Overseas Student Teaching Project Research Design Mixed Methods Research Design
Qualitative & quantitative data collection concurrent
Qualiatative is predominant Data Collection Pre 1
Pre 2
Pre interviews
Pre philosophy papers
Collect blog data during overseas experience
Post survey
Post philosophy papers
Post teacher identity papers
Post interviews Participant Demographics: 17 pre-service teachers
16 female (15 white; 1 AI; 1 black)
1 male (white) 1 early childhood
5 secondary
11 elementary US/Japan Collaboration
for the 21st Century Need for Study: With the changing demographics of the United States and the increased demands of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and other state and local mandates, it is critical to develop teachers who are globally aware in order to prepare students for a future in the 21st century (Cushner & Brennan, 2007; Merryfield, 1995) National:
NCATE Standards Local:
NC in the World Action Plan

NC Teacher Evaluation Tool UNCW: International Student Teaching Experience 1st group: Spring 2009 (7)
2nd group: Spring 2010 (17) produce a great deal of research on the topic Recommendations:
1. Need for quantitative research
2. Longitudinal studies
3. Use research to address curricular gaps Review of the Literature Miville Guzman Universality-Diversity Scale Survey 3 Subscales:
Diversity of Contact
Relativistic Appreciation
Comfort with Differences teachers are not familar with the “interconnectedness & complexity of the global world in which we live” (Cushner & Mahon, 2002). By 2010, 10% of pre-service teachers will complete a study abroad program. Initial Findings: Independent Study

survey results indicate greatest increase in diversity of contact
pre & post philosophy papers indicate change in perspective: ways of thinking about people & objects Common theme in the literature Questions & Comments?
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