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The metric system for pharmacy technicians

No description

Kaleb Pier

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of The metric system for pharmacy technicians

Hectometer 100m
The Metric System for pharmacy technicians
Kilometer 1000m
Meter 1m
Decimeter .1m
Millimeter .001m
Pharmacist use kilometers when they have to drop medicine at a house they measure how far away a house is and how long it will be to drop the medicine off. They also use kilometers by measuring years of medications out.
Pharmacist use Hectometers when they measure how far they have to travel to get to work and home.
Pharmacist use meters a lot for when they use the slogan "Buy it at your own pharmacy."
Pharmacist use Decimeters when they are measuring or converting from a higher number to a lower number.
Pharmacist use millimeters when measuring liquid medications or powder. They use it for all different measurements.
A pharmacist job is very important and at least takes three years of college for a degree in it. For a master degree it take anywhere from 4- 6 years. Pharmacist depending on what you work you can be paid very good. Even if you are not very wealthy in the job you can still get paid good.
What they do?
Pharmacist has a big responsibility and you have to know how to deal with different medications. You have to know the metric system very well, pharmacist send and give medications out to people who has a perspiration for that medicine. Pharmacist have to know how much to prescribe and know when to hand out that medication. you have to have a high level of education.
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