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Marketing and Fund Raising Presentation II

No description

Kiana Kim

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Marketing and Fund Raising Presentation II

Tiny Talents Kiana Kim
Sarah Mattlage
Sarah Roza Mission Statement Tiny Talents is a non-profit arts organization that serves Title 1 elementary schools in Charleston County, SC. Through an after school program, Tiny Talents educates children through visual and vocal arts as well as foster a fun and encouraging atmosphere. Event Sketch Who: Tiny Talents

What: "Young Artist Showcase" is a showcase that will exhibit art work produced by Memminger's 5th grade students created during the two week workshop and present a selection of choral pieces these students will perform as well.

When: Friday December 14, 2012 at 7:00pm

Where: Memminger Elementary School Auditorium

Admission: Free Admission and donations accepted Logo and Tag "Training Tiny Talents" Projected Audience Attendance 250 Marketing Goals and Objectives Goal: To have a 250 people in attendance at Young Artist Showcase
Objective: To have 60% of our attendees be made up of friends and relatives of the students
Make and send out a Tiny Talents Newsletter for the students to take home at least one month in advance
Send E-blasts to students' parents Marketing Strategies Publicity Promotional Material Marketing SWOT Analysis Strengths:
Reaching audiences outside school
Broad age demographic
Not all parents may listen to radio
Technical barrier between parents and organization
Increased publicity about Tiny Talents
Kids may not bring home newsletter Marketing Budget Only 5.57% of Total Budget Marketing Inspiration Fundraising Goals and Objectives Goal: To raise at least $15,000 by the end of our showcase
Objective: To receive a gift of $4,000 from Shoes on King as a corporate sponsor
Send out sponsorship piece by January 1, 2012.
Ask Shoes on King to be a major sponsor by April 1, 2012 Funding Lower Level Gifts How Much: $100+
Objective: We would like to receive lower level gifts of at least $100 from 50 event attendees and from 50 individuals on our mailing list.
Who: Attendees to our event (current and potential donors) and individuals on our mailing list.
How: Direct appeal letters/asking for donations at our event
When: Letters will be sent out on March 1st, event is on December 14th. Major Gift Funding How much: $400+
Objective: We would like to receive major gifts of at least $400 from each of our board members in addition to a sponsorship from Shoes on King before our event.
Who: Board members, corporate sponsor (Shoes on King)
How: Hold informational meeting for board members about the event, and send out sponsorship piece.
When: Sponsorship piece sent out by January 1st, Board meeting will be held on January 16th. Grant Funding Lowcountry Quarterly Arts Grant
Why: We are an arts organization dedicated to promoting artistic growth and we offer events open to the public.
How much: $1000 for art supplies
Application/Proposal Due: May 15, 2012 Earned Income Funding Projected earned income/revenue: $1275
Merchandise Sales:
T-Shirts (75 @ $7)
Showcase CDs (100 @ $5)
T-Shirt/CD package (15 @ $10) Funding from Sponsorship To sponsor us, we chose Shoes on King. We feel this business is a good match because they are new themselves, and therefore have not committed to other organizations financially. Also, their sister store in Augusta, GA has been a sponsor of many arts organizations over the years. Fundraising SWOT analysis Strengths:
Funding from our corporate sponsor is secured.
Board members are likely to contribute more than requested.

Grant requested doesn't cover full cost of supplies expense.
Missing out on potential donors due to the lack of multiple social media outlets.

To turn one-time donors into consistent donors
Receive large donations from local businesses through direct appeal letters

Individual contributions aren't promised
People are spending money on holiday gifts Fundraising Budget Fundraising Inspiration Fundraising Goals and Objectives Continued Objective: To receive gifts of at least $100 from 50 event attendees and from 50 individuals on our mailing list
Ask event attendees for donations at the event
Mail direct appeal letters by March 1, 2012. Footlight Players Market/Audience Segments Parents of Charleston County Memminger School Target Market/Audience Parents of Memminger students Teachers and students of Memminger Marketing Goals and Objectives Continued Goal: Use print and broadcasting media to reach our projected audience
Objective: Send out media a month prior to event
Send press release to Scott Suchy (Art Director) at Charleston City Paper
Send press release to Memminger Newsletter
PSA at Charleston radio Y102.5
Deliver rack cards to Piggly Wiggly and Harris Teeter four weeks before event Product: Young Artist Showcase

Place: Memminger Elementary School

Price: Free Admission

Partnerships: Custom Inc, Memminger Elementary Charleston City Paper
Radio station Y102.5
Charleston County School Website
Memminger School Website
Memminger School Newsletter Promotions Tiny Talents Newsletter
Rack Card
PTSA presentation
Facebook page Sponsorship Piece
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