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Business Risks - Prezi Template

Prezi Template with the concept of unpredictable dangers and risks. A giant iceberg on the way of a container ship carrying goods. A lighthouse saves the day and shows how to avoid risks. Get this template from Prezibase.com

Prezi Templates by Prezibase

on 17 February 2015

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Transcript of Business Risks - Prezi Template

Download this Prezi Template from:
Are you running
an international

What's in the containers?
Physical products?
Digital goods?
Biggest Risks To Your Business?
There are risks
you can't even predict!
Regulatory Risk
Making products and
delivering services while
covering costs is hard enough.
Anticipating how governments might
change the rules of the game–and are they
ever changing them now–is virtually impossible.
Being sued for compromised
data, faulty products or hazardous
working conditions is a real possibility.
In 2008, data breaches were up 69% over
the prior year - Identity Theft Resource Center.
Legal Risk.
List as many risks/dangers
as you need for your presentation
Zoom anywhere,
add your own content
and illustrate text with symbols.
Show how to avoid risks!
Establish standards and protocols for everything from manufacturing to record keeping, and bone up on the necessary technology. If you can afford a consultant, hire one quickly!
Add as many steps
as you need.
Diversify. A good rule of thumb is that no one customer should constitute more than 10% of your revenues. Also run credit checks to make sure the customers you do have are in paying shape; tier your credit terms based on credit risk.
Start a Rescue Mission!
End of Presentation
Thank You for watching!
Use the existing layout
or build your own using
the separated design elements
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