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Copy of APU Resume Guidelines Workshop

Office of Career Services, Azusa Pacific University

Allison Hofstetter

on 2 March 2012

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Transcript of Copy of APU Resume Guidelines Workshop

Chronological Functional Combination RESUME How much time do you think the average employer spends looking at a resume? 15 Minutes 5 Minutes 1 Minute 30 Seconds 2 Pages 3 Pages Written in paragraph form to expand upon limited experience 1 Page STYLE VS. Use white space Consistency Acceptable Font Size Bullet
Points 1" Margin 1/2" Margin Trivia ? Time BASIC RESUME REFERENCES ELEMENTS FORMATS The resume of a person with less than 5 years full-time work experience should be...? Trivia ? Time to your advantage! Use High Quality Resume Paper Use PROPER Fonts YES! NO! Okay to use for
name in header Resume LANGUAGE ACTION VERBS Organized
Budgeted Just Say
to Pronouns Start with
action verb Azusa
University NOT APU Multi-Ethnic
Programs NOT MEP United
States of
America NOT USA Periods Do not use photos Do not use physical description **Unless you are acting,
but that is another workshop Use a conservative font,
not a playful font Keep format consistent What NOT
SERVICE ahofstetter11@apu.edu
ahofstetter@yahoo.com cr8zyGRL358@hotmail.com
hatesSKOL@yahoo.com Good Bad Positive Online Image WITH EMAIL CREATE A Put job title in subject line Address with a specific name Don't forget your contact information! FOLLOW
DIRECTIONS! SENDING YOUR RESUME 1 2 3 COVER LETTERS To highlight the most related aspects of your professional and educational experience. Get an interview! PURPOSE OF A RESUME Office of Career Services Allison Hofstetter, Graduate Assistant resume GUIDELINES workshop Office of Career Services Email: ahofstetter11@apu.edu Phone: 626-815-2103 Location: Magnolia Court, Shire Mods A.K.A (also known as) NO NO Here's why you should hire me... The position you're applying for
What you bring to the table (education and experience)
The person who referred you to the position (if someone did)
Why you want the job - prove that you have researched the organization Summary of: Back up the claims in your opening paragraph with detailed evidence
Give 1-2 specific examples of your most related experience and skills Reiterate your interest in meeting the recruiter and obtaining an interview
Let them know you are available and how to be reached
Follow up with a phone call 3-5 days after you submit your resume and cover letter Allison Hofstetter, Graduate Assistant STAND OUT! Get your foot
in the door! Always ask permission

submitting references! BEFORE
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