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UU100 Presentation- Group Rubies (Amelia, Kelera, Manatu and Tui)

No description

Boutuiloma Mawi

on 19 April 2011

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Transcript of UU100 Presentation- Group Rubies (Amelia, Kelera, Manatu and Tui)

To Develop or to Exploit Making a difference through International Aid: Thesis statement:
International aid can do more harm than good on the lives and developments of the citizens of the aid recipient country.
International aid often gives social power to its executioners;
The allocation of the aid funds and in general, often leads to abuse, misuse and mismanagement of these funds.
Funds keep corrupt politicians/government officials in control Examples: “…even as its new leadership pursues a probe into possible misuse of funds under the past administration, the agency's chief has bared.”
“He was referring to previous reports of fund misuse in Tesda under previous leaders, among them the purchase of P39-million in allegedly overpriced training tools and procurement of P73-million worth of computers and other IT products.” “The Tesda chief has also ordered a special audit of some P5 billion in scholarships used from 2008-2009 following reports that some of the money went to fly-by-night schools and ghost scholars.”
Argument 2 Donated funds are usually given with a “hook” at its end for some sort of exploitation
Opposite effect of the initial purpose of international aid. Agreement for certain privileges for donor country.
Special trading agreements of the recipient country and donor country. Examples 1. No explanation of the aid given;
2. China listed as a Developing country;
3. Project concentrating on a controversial level in terms of national development;
4. Project costly……What was wrong with the previous fence?
5. Why wasn’t the money or resources used for rural development projects?

Opposing arguments: Argument 1: Example: 1. How international aid tackles “promoting gender equality”…..Fiji Womens’ Crisis Centre (NZAID) 2. How international aid tackles “combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases”…Marie Stopes International. (AusAID & NZAID) 3. How international aid tackles “reducing child mortality”….e.g. Visit by AusAID funded doctors for 30 free surgeries to Fiji.
Argument 2: The first MDG being set for the 2015 target is the “eradication of extreme income poverty and hunger”.
Eradicating poverty and its vicious cycle through proper successive planning as with the notion “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime”. Example: 1. Provision of scholarship for underprivileged families.
2.Capacity building trainings by experienced overseas/local trainers. e.g. Partnership of UNDP and ANZ for the Money Minded Pacific and Green Ribbon programme which caters for financial literacy programs for the whole of the Fiji Islands. Conclusion International aid presents a few problems dealing with it but there are also arguments that can support the work of foreign aid.
Issues that identify with international aid are most times measurable and can be resolved:
Proper scrutiny of donor aid funding agreements to avoid forcing the recipient country to market trading monopolisation and exploitation by the donor country.
As with any system, there will be loopholes which can be exploited but international aid seems to be more of an advantage to the recipient county.
Questions & Answers???? Recommendation: Argument 1: Year 2015 of achievement MDG is approaching;
Foreign interventions through international aid are most probably the best methods in achieving these MDG.
Presentation Scope: Supporting Arguments:
Argument 1
Argument 2

Opposing Arguments
Argument 1
Argument 2

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