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lucy babyyyyyyyyy

on 31 May 2013

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Goal Start Hinduism Buddha is not a God, and did not believe in a God. Hinduism v.s Buddhism By Lucy & Belen Hindus believe in a supreme god Buddhism climb! jump! jump! the end!!!! Their goal is to achieve moksha, or when they become one with Brahman. In Hinduism it tries to show the importance of living a life with morals and following one's duty is the correct path to moksha. Hinduism is a religion, not a way of life. Hindus have three goals in life, doing what is right, striving for well being, pleasure, and moksha. Hinduism is a very popular religion because you can still practice Hinduism while not giving up you old religion, also you
don't have to attend religious
services. Their goal is to reach nirvana,or when they see themselves as an illusion and they are non existing. They are also at peace. Buddhism makes it important to give up desires and to follow the eight fold path. WATCH OUT! Buddhists believe in the Four Noble Truths.
Buddhism is a way of life, not a religion.
If a Buddhist follows the eight fold path, they can achieve nirvana. Simila rities Both Hinduism and Bud dhism believe in Karma Both of them also use medita tion to connect with God and to bring an end to an illusion of one's self. Also, they both have steps to reach a specific goal in l ife, like Hindus use four goals to reach their principle goal. Buddh ists use the four noble truths and the eight fold path to reach Nirvana. Both Buddhists and Hindus use the lotus flower as a symbol. Both also end with the suffix ",ism". But it doesn't mean that they are both are religions, Buddhism is a way life or a philosophy. Hinduism is a religion. Also, Buddha was a former Hindu.
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