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Open Access, Books and Business Models

Which Business Models are most appropriate for Digital Monographs in the Humanities and Social Sciences?

Janneke Adema

on 19 July 2010

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Transcript of Open Access, Books and Business Models

HSS Scholar Reputation and career advancement Communication with one's peers Claiming research findings and scientific ideas Financial compensation Releasing information for social progress and knowledge in society Printed Book Ebook Lack of availability in Libraries Lack of dissemination Lack of availability in Libraries Lack of dissemination Serials and Monograph Crisis Rising costs STM journals
Lower acquisition budgets libraries
Lower print runs
Disastrous consequences The Ebook does not (automatically) solve this problem! Open Access Green Gold Archiving in repositories Open Access publishing Open Access, Books and Business Models Janneke Adema Developing an OA publication
model for peer reviewed academic
books in the HSS Creating a large freely available collection of current books in European languages in various fields of HSS Duration: 30 months Start: September 8, 2008 Consortium: 7 university presses and
2 universities Coordinator: Amsterdam University
Press, The Netherlands Actions undertaken under the eContentplus Programme (2005-2008) to make digital content in Europe more accesible, usable and exploitable But what is sustainable?
Experiments OAPEN's solution Digital Publishing and its Governance:
Between knowledge and power International Conference:
April 28-30th 2010 Funding essential in HSS
Break-even or profit?
Which level? Specific model or whole system?
Additional funding
Services www.oapen.org Publishing as part of funding
Author pays
Distributed funding
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