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Thirteen Plus One

by Gabrielle A. Larios

Gabrielle L

on 9 May 2011

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Transcript of Thirteen Plus One

Thirteen Plus One Thirteen Plus One is about a girl named Winnie. She thinks everthing is just perfect. Her boyfriend, her friends, her life. Untill her birthday. She wants a simple cupcake from her boyfriend but he gets her a Starbucks giftcard. Then her brother steels a penguin from the aquarium. They go to return it and get BUSTED!! Im not going to tell you what happens, though. (You'll Have to read and find out.) Anyway, she finds out her boyfriend has to go to Germany THIS SUMMER!!! (Wippee for Winnie) So, she decides to go to camp with one of her best friends Dianah, while there other best friend Cinamon has a big surprise she going to that camp too!!!That means all 3 besties will be at camp together. While they are there Cinamon and Diana meet there dream boys, Winnie has a crush on a boy who likes her but shes loves her boyfriend Lars who finds out Winnie wanted a cupcake not a "stupid STARBUCKS GIFTCARD!!!" What else happens to Winnie you ask? Well, read Thirteen Plus One to find out.
Born 1969
She went to the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, B.A. (English and psychology); Colorado State University, M.A. (English); Vermont College, M.F.A. (writing).
Her hobbies and other interest are Reading, going on walks, playing with her children, watching movies. She lives at375 Hudson St., New York, NY 10014. She has wrote many great books. Lauren Myracle... She Wrote:
Kissing Kate
Thirteen Plus One
The Fashion Disaster That Changed My Life
Rhymes with Witches By Gabrielle A.
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