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Presentation: How Children Succeed

Paul Tough

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Presentation: How Children Succeed

Links between childhood stress and life success
The surprising ways in which parents do—and do not—prepare their children for adulthood. Which Skills & Traits Lead To Success?

How Do They Develop In Childhood?

What Kind Of Interventions Might Help Children Do Better?

Why Do Some Children Succeed While Others Fail? Success Today???
Cognitive Skills
Intelligence That Gets Measured (IQ Test)
Ability To Recognize Letters & Words
To Calculate, To Detect Patterns
Rug Rat Race What They're Saying Now
What Matters Is Whether We Are Able To Help Kids Develop A Very Different Set Of Qualities. Non-Cognitive Skills
Persistance, Self-Control, Curiosity, Conscientiousness, Grit, & Self-Confidence
CHARACTER!!!!!!! Perry Preschool Project Early Childhood Intervention Check Yourself! Early adversity, scientists have come to understand, not only affects the conditions of children’s lives, it can also alter the physical development of their brains. ACE Study - Adverse Childhood Experiences
1 point for each category of trauma
The higher the Ace Score, the worse the outcome
>4 = Smoker, Alcoholics, Learning/Behavior Prob, ADHD (Concentration), Harder to rebound from disappointment
>6 = 30 times more likely to attempt suicide L.G. Braver
Better Adjusted To Cry or Not to Cry? Not to cry Secure Attachment
More likely to graduate
Stay out of jail
Delay pregnancy
Have positive relationship with their own children GPA, no I mean CPA. The best way for a young person to build character is for him to attempt something where there is a real and serious possibility of failure. Great teachers believe in
"Malleable Intelligence"
Character is equally malleable.
If you teach kids to pay attention to character, then their character will transform. This provocative and profoundly hopeful book has the potential to change how we raise our children and how we run our schools. How Much Information can we
stuff into a child's brain?
The race seems to be starting
earlier & growing more intense
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