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How did Renaissance Art influence Modern America's Art?

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Natalie Solis

on 18 February 2015

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Transcript of How did Renaissance Art influence Modern America's Art?

How did Renaissance Art influence Modern America?
Leonardo Da Vinci's Works
Da Vinci painted a portrait of a women named Lisa del Giocondo. This portrait is famously known as the Mona Lisa. This portrait has influenced modern art by the way he placed her body in the painting. The composition of her arms, hands, and her famous smile is now used commonly today.
Another painting that has influenced american art is the Last Supper. It took Leonardo Da Vinvci 3 years to complete the painting. They have made many attempts on re-painting it, to restore its original look. This painting has influenced art today because in the painting Da Vinci used the technique of a vanishing point, which used use a lot in modern art.
Michaelangelo's Works
One of Michaelangelo's most famous sculptures it the Pieta. The Pieta is a sculpture of Mary holding Jesus. In the time of the Renaissance this was a big deal because two-figured sculptures were rare. This influenced modern art because he showed perfection and nature looks for a human being.
Another famous sculpture by Michaelangelo is the statue of David. The statue of David influenced us because there has been attempts to make replicas of this statue many times.
Raphael's Work
Raphael's painting called The School of Athens has influenced art because his techniques of
foreshortening and perspective
used in the painting, is now more commonly used.
Another one of the most famous paintings from Raphael is The Sistine Madonna. This painting is of Mary holding Jesus in her arms. She is surrounded by so much brighteness, that they say it is "blinding". This has influenced Art today because of the techniques he used in the painting. He used oil paintings which are now more commonly used in America
How has this been benefical?
All the techniques and skill that the artists have used to make these famous pieces of art, has influenced us to make new and beautiful art. We use this techniques more commonly.
Fun Facts
During the time of the renaissance, after getting married women never changed their surname. Thats why they have often confused the name of the real women in the portrait.
David was a lefty!
The Sistine Madonna
The Mona Lisa
The Last Supper
The Pieta
The Statue of David
The School of Athens
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