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Marie Curie


Nicole Sheppard

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Marie Curie

Marie Curie With all the negative comments Marie Curie received she didn't let them get her down and make her quit. Proactive Marie couldn't control how she grew up. With the little money her family had she made the best of it and never complained. Circle of No Control Marie and her sister Bronya both wanted to earn an degree, but they didn't have enough money to pay for more school. Marie didn't let that set her back she decided to work a deal with her sister. Marie would work to support her sister Bronya while she was in school and Bronya would return the favor after she completed her own studies. Turning Setbacks into Triumphs Men would tell Marie that she wouldn't become a scientist because she was a women. They thought she would be too sentimental to preform science. She didn't let any of those statements like her quit and give up. She proved all those men wrong by being the first women not to win just one but two Nobel prizes in two different fields physics and chemistry. Rising Above Abuse Becoming a Change Agent When growing up Marie's family barely could afford any education. Growing up she had very little education but she didn't like having little education so every chance she had she study. Her education expanded until she became the woman she was. By: Jessica Rodriguez
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