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Percentage yield

No description

Harvey Buckle

on 25 April 2016

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Transcript of Percentage yield

Company Logo
Monday 25th April 2016
Percentage yield and limiting reactant
To know how to arrive at the limiting reactant
To calculate percentage yield
To demonstrate the above with a practical
1. Write the BALANCED equation
2. What is the LIMITING REACTANT? Show your calculations.
3. What is the percentage yield of product?
If I am trying to make 180g of Lithium Hydroxide and I amke 110g instaed:

a. How many MOLES did I make?
b. What is the PERCENTAGE
Percentage yield
This is:

Mass made / x 100
Calculated mass expected
Our experiment
Take 50ml of 1M Sulphuric acid and add 5g of Coppper Oxide and stir.
Filiter the mixture then evaporate the solution to arrive at the product.
What went well?
What went poorly?
Calculate the percentage error(Watch Mr Harvey)
How could you improve this experiment
How could you make this experimntal procedure more PRECISE?
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