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differences between renewable and non renewable resources

Ruth Phillips

on 17 February 2010

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Transcript of Resources

Renewable Resources
A renewable resource is something that is being continually replaced faster than we use it up
Wind Power
Solar Power
Water Power - Hydro-Electricity
Non-Renewable Resources
A non-renewable resource is something that is not being replaced as we consume it.
Iron Ore
Trees can be considered a renewable resource if forests are well maintained and trees grow back faster than we cut them down.
However, trees are being cut down faster than they
grow back, thus making them a non-renewable resource
Resource Pros
Resource Cons
Oil spills can pollute the land and hurt animals
When a forest of trees is clearcut, it can change
the soil and ecosystem so new trees cannot
grow, plants die, and animals loose their
habitat and die or leave the area.
Valdez Oil Spill
The Chernobyl Disaster
Nuclear Plant
1986 Ukraine
Why are resources good for us?
Make a list with your partner.
Environmental disasters such as these affect
whole biospheres and damage all living
things for thousands of miles for many,
many years. Nuclear contamination can last
for longer than lifetimes
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