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Helm Glacier Science

For skinny.

Dylan hill

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Helm Glacier Science

The Helm glacier is
located in Garibaldi
Provincial Park, BC Helms Glacier Melting It is currently retreating constantly and is remaining/continuing to melt down due to global warming

How it was formed Helm glacier was made up originally by the Helm Creek
that currently surrounds the glacier now Ice Caves within Helm glacier alike many other glaciers in the world
forms ice caves that lie beneath the surface of the Helm.
These ice caves form warmth and
energy of glacial melt waters naturally.
Humans are capable of entering the caves at
the glacier base Location:
Longitude:162.5 Red line is how big it was in 1949 Glaciers are formed when snow builds up for several years from snowfall that exceeds to melt. Over time, as new snow compresses the existing snow, the weight causes the snow underneath to turn to ice. The hardening effect is similar to what happens when you pack a snowball in your hand. The pressure from additional layers of snow builds for up to thousands of years, the ice gets compressed so much that the air is forced out and the glacier's color appears to be blue. Glaciers are melting faster today as compared to the past many centuries. Why this sudden change? Almost everyone believe that the prime reason for this is sudden and rapid industrialization which in turn has caused global warming - the prime culprit of fast melting glaciers
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